Welcome to the “new normal”

How to Seize Global IR Opportunities in an Age of Uncertainty

“The New Normal” is a phrase often heard as we emerge warily from the Covid-19 pandemic into a world of economic, regulatory and technological disruption, but rarely understood as it truly applies to you, the hardworking IR professional. – until this exceptional summer. problem of IR magazine.

IR peers tell us how they are balancing the benefits gained from this unplanned experience of two years of virtual engagements with the demands of shareholders, analysts and executives as they return to face-to-face meetings, as we reveal in our cover article (see Why the Great Recovery is a renaissance of IR).

We uncover the real impacts on activism following the regulatory overhaul of beneficial ownership reporting in the United States (see Play well). ESG, net zero emissions and sustainability are buzzwords for most, but we hear from leading European business leaders on how they report on their green performance to eager stakeholders (see To have an impact ).

Dive even deeper into ESG, get ahead of the growing trend of investor biodiversity awareness when preparing your engagements (see back to nature).

Our new research report in this issue asked IROs and investors about the current state of corporate access, including their views and practices around virtual and in-person meetings (see Research Report: Corporate Access). Find out what the IROs think of our findings – and see if you agree (see Meeting of the Spirits).

Be inspired by our fascinating one-on-one interviews with the new Director of IR at Hyatt Hotels (see 15 questions), winner of the 2022 US Awards Rising Star Award (see Everyone on the bridge) and the outgoing president of NIRI (see Gary LaBranche on ESG…).

With so much going on in the world and in RI, perhaps the new normal should be “expect the unexpected” – and IR magazine will help you navigate these choppy waters.

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