Handcrafted documentary

#books #printing #short film #composition #video

28 October 2021

Grace Ebert

Regardless of its shameless tech culture, San Francisco remains a hub for analog art forms, hosting an annual festival that uses a 7-ton steamroller to print linocuts and hosting one of the latest publishers of its kind. Arion Press is dedicated to the secular practice of bookmaking, and with a small team of Type founders, proofreaders, printers and bookbinders, painstakingly produces artists’ publications entirely by hand.

An episode of Raw craftsmanship, a series of films produced by The Balvenie distillery, visits the publisher with the late Anthony Bourdain as host. For three seasons, the beloved conductor, writer and travel icon toured the United States, visiting tailors, metal founders, saxophone designers and a myriad of craftsmen dedicated to traditional techniques. During his stop at Arion Press, Bourdain explores every step of the book-making process, from using 19th-century technology to print each letter with metallic type, checking the text by reading aloud, and hand stitching of each page.

Dive into the editor’s process in the episode above, check out some of her latest projects on Instagram, and browse her store’s posts, notebooks, cards, and other merchandise. You might also enjoy this movie chronicling the last day of hot metal composing in The New York Times.

#books #printing #short film #composition #video

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