September 21, 2022 12:32 STI

Chennai (Tamilnadu) [India]September 21 (ANI/PRNewswire): The Hindu Group’s flagship brands The Hindu and the business branch now have a new look.
With more precise packaging, improved visual design, and user-friendly features, the redesign follows an all-new aesthetic.
Hindu’s credible journalism, quality reporting and incisive analysis will remain intact, and the new design will amplify the reading experience and bring it closer to its readers. This new redesign will follow a whole new aesthetic.

Hindu’s increased font size, dynamic promotional panels, larger images, bolder typefaces, comprehensive story packages, breathable layouts, story highlighters and essential readings will ensure a seamless reading experience. Digitally integrated QR codes and navigation pointers will help readers identify media content such as online stories, interviews, videos and podcasts.
Speaking about The Hindu’s redesign, Editor Suresh Nambath said: “Clean. Sharp. Bold. These words not only describe The Hindu’s look and style, its look and shape, but also its core philosophy. , its code of editorial values: integrity in editorial and commercial functions.
businessline’s new contemporary logo reflects the spirit of a bold, young and dynamic nation. The redesign parallels the new era of business. Text and visuals are blended to achieve storytelling in the same intuitive way readers communicate through text messaging.
Businessline Editor-in-Chief Raghuvir Srinivasan said, “Starting today, businessline will sport a cheerful new look to keep up with the times. Although it becomes trendy, the newspaper will remain an uncompromising commercial, financial and economic daily.

Hindu Group CEO LV Navaneeth said: “The new look will redefine the art of reading newspapers. It is tailored to the wants and needs of the digitally savvy generation. Our goal behind the redesign is simple: give readers the same experience as this. to use a digital information product.”
The makeover was designed by Mario Gracia, the Cuban-American newspaper designer and editorial consultant who has worked for publications including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New Straits Times.
The Hindu
Cleaner. More pointed. bolder
Every reader is an explorer. An explorer of information, knowledge, creativity, innovation and art.
The Hindu team has always ensured that the explorer’s journey is an extraordinary experience.
Introducing a smarter, cleaner news reading experience with an improved visual design upgrade and reader-friendly features.
The authentic and credible journalism of the Hindu remains intact. Now the redesign matches it. With punchy titles, bold fonts and larger images, The Hindu is now designed to be cleaner, sharper and bolder.
The Hindu’s Redesign Philosophy
– More space between columns and larger images gives the paper a cleaner look
– With the magic of white space, the editorial part is now cleaner, bolder and sharper. A perfectly aligned page will give readers the most enjoyable and organized reading experience.
– Increased font size allows for shorter, crisper stories without compromising content quality
– Promotions are made more dynamic and vibrant with captivating designs, to give readers the ultimate viewing experience
– Infographics and other visual elements can be found throughout the document
– Quotes that capture the emotions are what made The Hindu’s journalism believable. They are now adopting a new form of contemporary design
– The main story will have a bolder font distinction with the webbing showcasing the gist of the story

– Larger, impactful images bring the story to life
– Hierarchy of information can be easily identified with a change in emphasis from bold heading fonts to light and large fonts to smaller ones
activity area
When entrepreneurs make bold decisions, the police match them. When the markets get dynamic, the ink shows it in changing colors. Business evolves and so does the job. businessline’s storytelling style was inspired by the new era of business, allowing us to delve into a multiverse of possibilities for how visual impact can change the reader’s experience.
Introducing the new look of the Hindu activity line. A redesign parallel to the new era of business. Every change in the business world is now reflected in its new design.
Say hello to a premium news reading experience with an improved visual design upgrade and reader-friendly features. A concept that will make analytical and explanatory journalism essential reading.
Business line redesign philosophy
– Gray background, red pointers and a large image in the center highlight the best stories of the day
– Giving the attention they deserve, headers are now in a distinct red color
– Large, impactful images and more visual elements
– The layout is now made dynamic, bolder and smarter with more emphasis on white space magic. A page aligned to such perfection giving readers the most enjoyable and organized reading experience
– A reminiscence of the past and a mark of change, the new logo is a contemporary design that gives the best of both worlds
– Move to a more digital brand identity from BusinessLine to bl
– Portfolio is now a visual treat. With more of a magazine look, the reader will be taken in a depth of endless information aided by powerful visuals
– Text and visuals magically blend together, to achieve storytelling in the same intuitive way we communicate via text messaging
– Our brand new masthead reflects the spirit of a young and dynamic nation. Less sharp edges reflect a soft, relaxed tone
Click on the links to discover the redesign of The Hindu and businessline: bit.ly/3DD7HGY and businessline.com/home/launch” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>bit.ly/3QR7cMt
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