HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) — The city of Huber Heights has a large Hispanic community and not everyone speaks the same language. The police department is doing its part to close the gap.

“Sometimes we respond to calls as police officers when the people we’re communicating with don’t speak English,” Huber Heights Police Officer Nick Lambert said.

Agent Lambert helps break down communication barriers, publishing safety brochures and child identification kits in Spanish.

“The child disappears, you give this to the police and they have all the information, and since we already have this English version, the same exact version, it will help us to determine exactly what we are looking for and it will help us to find the child even more quickly”, describes agent Lambert.

Brochures are free and can be found inside Michoacana on Chambersburg Road, which is a block away from a few other Hispanic businesses. The police want to put these brochures in the hands of people who can use them.

“For scams or cheats, when your English is already limited, that’s such a great thing, especially when you don’t understand maybe you think, yes, I did something wrong”, says Jazline Gomez, owner of Pepe’s Mexican Flavors on Chambersburg Road and communications manager for La Michoacana.

This effort also helps strengthen police-community relations.

“A lot of people see the police presence and automatically their guard is up or they are scared even though they have nothing wrong, just scared. And I think having the police come in and say hey, we’re here to help, here are the resources, we’re trying to build that bridge, I think that not only builds trust, but that alliance,” Gomez says.