Since Seven sold its Pacific Magazine publishing arm in 2019, what has been its impact on the long-standing TV tie-up Better homes and gardens?

According to host Johanna Griggs, the magazine, now published by ARE Media, still covers its cooking and crafting elements.

“We still work with the magazine’s stylists and photographers, but it’s not as tightly managed as it used to be,” Griggs said. Television tonight.

“It would always be a battle whether TV or magazine would come first. It was amazing. It was always full of politics, the marriage world of magazines and TV! But it was the only show that actually had that.

“For a while we also had a radio show, covering all the bases.”

Better homes and gardens, which Seven CEO James Warburton today called a key pillar, is one of two behemoths produced in-house at Seven. When the network was looking to sell Seven Studios, it was adamant that it would retain two big assets.

“They were pretty clear from the start, they were keeping better homes and Far from home. But everything else was fine. which for us was lovely. Obviously, there was a period when no one knew exactly what was going to happen. So it was incredibly reassuring that they appreciate the consistency of what the show brings,” Griggs said.

“And the money it brings to the network.”