The prestigious Time Out magazine has released its second annual list of ‘World’s Coolest Streets’ after interviewing 20,000 city dwellers around the world.

James Manning, editor of Time Out Travel, said: “Our expert writers and locals pick the coolest streets in the world. Our contributors suggest the streets people should visit immediately. »

Thirty-three streets are listed in “Time Out’s Coolest Streets in the World 2022” – three more than the 2021 version. New locations have also been added, such as Taiwan, Mumbai, Athens and Ghana’s capital Accra.

Time Out said, “From gorgeous avenues and shopping streets to pedestrian zones and tree-covered plazas, these streets are the epitome of some of the most exciting cities around.”

Number 1: Wellington Street, Montreal, Canada

Montreal, in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada, is one of the most renowned foodie cities in the world, and Wellington Street has some of the city’s best restaurants and bars.

Picturesque and lively, this street in southwest Montreal is home to nearly 200 businesses.

Laura Osborne, editor of Canadian Time Out, said: “There are bars that kill here. It’s a great breakfast or brunch. You can find the best sandwiches here. We also have urban beaches.

This street will become “pedestrian only” by 2023, no doubt adding more exciting features.

Another Canadian street on the list is Ossington Avenue in Toronto, which ranks 14th.

cool asian

Time Out wrote that no place in the world could compare to Yongkang Street in Taipei, Taiwan (number 4). It is in Dongmen District, a place with excellent restaurants, traditional fried snacks and delicious dessert shops. Yongkang Street is also where you can find high-end boutiques and historic teahouses, and is the home of the beloved craft beer master.

In a survey published by Time Out, Yongkang Street in Taipei ranks 4th among the “coolest streets in the world in 2022”. (Shutterstock)

Besides the culinary reputation, Yongkang Street values ​​the individualism and personalized atmosphere of an artisan’s spirit over the monotony of chain stores.

Yongkang Street has witnessed the history of carpenters, traditional pharmacies and local jewelry workshops.

Taiwanese blog Klook describes Yongkang: “Walking along Yongkang Street, the voices of foreign travelers still echo. Especially in front of Ding Taifeng and Yongkang Beef Noodles, where the endless queues are always. Everyone is holding summer mango slushies in their hands. Suddenly, teahouses sprout like shoots after rain. The alleys contain unique boutiques, creative cultural shops and foreign restaurants.

Huang Shi-fang, director of international affairs at the Taiwan Tourism Administration, told CNN the department integrated various resources to promote the district to international tourists. “We are therefore delighted that the magazine has chosen Yongkang. We hope we can invite travelers back when the border reopens. »

Epoch Times Photo
Bustling Yongkang Street in Taipei, Taiwan (Chan Pak-chau/The Epoch Times)

hong kong

Tai Ping Shan Street in the northwest part of Hong Kong Island is ranked seventh. Tai Ping Shan is a historic miniature community located on an old street in Sheung Wan Ward.

Tai Ping Shan Street has been transformed into a bohemian neighborhood with trendy cafes, independent bookstores and restaurants for all ages, many of which are housed in older apartment buildings.

Epoch Times Photo
Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong, China (Shutterstock)

Other Asian streets

Another Asian city on the “coolest streets” list was Bangkok. Yaowarat Road, Bangkok, ranked 8th. Yaowarat is where you can travel through Bangkok, China Town. It is still buzzing day and night. Yaowarat is home to temples, restaurants, markets, acupuncturists and Chinese herb vendors. Street food has been popular for many generations.

Kagurazaka, Tokyo ranks 25th, while Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road ranks 23rd. At number 32 is Colaba Causeway in Mumbai.

AU-NZ wins

Gertrude Street, Australia from Melbourne, fell one spot this year to second on the list. Rue Gertrude is close to the city center, but is reported to have a quiet, mystical forest charm. Many buildings on the street are considered heritage.

Number 6 is Karangahape Road in Auckland, New Zealand. Its bohemian style attracts many artists and musicians who gather in the neighborhood. As the heart of the city of creative enthusiasts, many art galleries or cafes sit in historic buildings. Thrift stores, flea markets and record stores rub shoulders with bars and nightclubs.

Enmore Road in Sydney, Australia is listed at 24.


The 3rd place street is Great Western Road, Glasgow, Scotland. On Great Western Road you’ll find plenty of antique shops, beer breweries, stylish cafes and affordable Napoli pizza.

In 5th place, Copenhagen’s Varnesdamsvej is full of fragrant flowers, shops, bars, cheese shops and, uniquely, a French public school. This little gem is also considered the “little Paris” of Copenhagen.

At number 9 is Berlin’s Oranienstrasse, one of Berlin’s most famous streets. It is renowned for its authentic Turkish cuisine and cocktail bars. There are frequent demonstrations on this street, especially on May Day.

Some of the European streets of Athens, London, Lisbon, Dublin, Madrid, Manchester, Barcelona and Istanbul are also on the Time Out list.

United States

Although US streets did not reach the top ranks, they have the most streets on the list of any country.

Hayes Street in San Francisco reached the 10th position. Hayes Street has become a symbol of economic recovery in the region. New restaurants and storefronts have revamped the street.

When you have finished shopping, you can always eat or drink something and enjoy the many sidewalk cafes.

Epoch Times Photo
Hayes Street in San Francisco, USA is seen as a symbol of economic recovery. (Shutterstock)

Calle Ocho in Miami takes 16th place, while Wentworth in Chicago is 20th. MacDougal Street in New York is at 29, home to the hottest cocktail bar of the year, Dante.

For the past few decades, MacDougal Street has been the busiest and liveliest of all streets in New York City. On a warm evening, live outdoor music and al fresco dining are regular sights.

Other American streets included Virgil Avenue in Los Angeles at 13th and Newbury Street in Boston at 31st.

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