February 13, 2022 – The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) and the Croatian Sports Museum in Zagreb will work together to preserve Croatian sports heritage.

The Croatian Football Federation has decided to cooperate with the Croatian Sports Museum to raise awareness of the importance of preserving sports memorabilia and athletes who contribute daily to Croatian sports heritage. As a result, the two organizations entered into a cooperation agreement for the preservation of sports heritage. This agreement, which will serve as the basis for future cooperation, guarantees the preservation of Croatian sports heritage at the Museum today and for all future generations, reports HNS.

With this agreement, the Croatian Sports Museum will be enriched with part of the valuable heritage of Croatian football. With its glorious history and significant achievements, it is inscribed in golden letters in the history of Croatian sport. In this context, the museum will in the near future be able to boast valuable exhibits of the Croatian Football Federation, such as historical medals of the national A team, essential publications, books, brochures, tickets, calendars, jerseys, photographs and souvenirs.

The Croatian Sports Museum bases its activities on the educational and cohesive potential of sport and strives to introduce the general public to the history and social significance of sport in Croatian society in a modern, educational and scientific way.

The idea of ​​the Croatian Sports Museum was born between 1952 and 1959 when the first sports and physical exercise articles were collected. In 1965, the initiative to establish a Museum of Physical Culture of Croatia was launched. Ten years later, the Croatian Council of Museums included the Croatian Museum of Physical Culture in the list of museum institutions in Croatia. However, the establishment of the Croatian Sports Museum was adopted by the Croatian government only in 2003, after which the Croatian Sports Museum became a national museum.

Today the Croatian Sports Museum is located on Illica 13 in Zagreb. Danira Nakić Bilić was appointed as the museum’s new director in 2017.

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