On May 14, the Waverly Historic Preservation Commission presented the Waverly Historic Preservation Award to Rod and Bonnie Drenkow for their incredible work on their historic home at 203 6th Street NW her in Waverly. To be eligible for a Waverly Historic Preservation Award, a property must be at least fifty years old and within the city limits of Waverly. The property can be used for residential or non-residential purposes. The award is given either in recognition of work undertaken over the past three years or to honor a long-standing commitment to preservation. Waverly’s Historic Preservation Awards are determined by assessing whether there have been improvements made to the building with respect to sensitive restoration or original design, or whether there have been new additions consistent with the structure and original setting, or whether there has been an adaptive reuse of a building that preserves the original architectural character, or the retention or restoration of the historic paint color scheme, or the retention or restoration of ‘historic landscaping that strives to preserve the original landscape character and setting of a building.

This magnificent Queen Anne gable and wing house was built in 1890 by Mr. Frank Woodring for his new wife Mamie Burrington, in what was known as Le Forest Park or LeValley Reservation. It was later owned by Mr. Fred Hagemann, who practices law in Waverly, served as superintendent of county schools, served as chairman of the Waverly Library Board, responsible for securing funding for the Carnegie Library of Waverly, and served two terms in the Iowa Senate. Since owning the house, the Drenkows have expanded the west side of the house, while perfectly maintaining the historic construction and appearance of the house. Additionally, the Drenkows have restored the home to its original condition, such as reopening the beautiful wraparound porch on the east side of the home. Finally, the Drenkows restored the landscaping by cutting down at least fifteen trees, which had overgrown much of the exterior of the property and restored the property to an immaculate lawn by adding decorative landscaping and a rear patio, on the north side, which complements the historic architecture of the house.

For their tireless work and commitment to preserving their magnificent home, the Waverly Historic Preservation Commission was pleased to present this well-deserved award to Rod and Bonnie Drenkow.

Darius P. Robinson, Waverly Historic Preservation Commission