FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – Combining new technology with 80-year-old typography, Paper Farm Press’s Lauren Tevelde hand-creates wedding invitations, cards, stationery, and fine art prints.

“I just hope each card cultivates community and encourages people in the same way that I love to print and create the card,” she said. “Working with my hands, I mix the ink. I literally push each card through the printing machine while working with cotton paper. It’s so much fun.”

Initially using her graphic design degree to create wedding invitations, in 2020 Lauren had to pivot her business model when home orders canceled weddings.

She said, “I had just bought the machine, I had just gotten word of mouth.”

Instead of waiting for the pandemic to end, Lauren created a way to stay close to each other during a period of social distancing.

Benchmark paper farm press.

Tevelde says: “I just think of the people who party, who cry, who just live their life and they get a nice card in the mail. I hope this will make their week!”

Tevelde and her husband are third generation farmers, so the plays combine their faith and love of farming.

Seasonal collections include a fruit grown within a 5 mile radius of the Paper Farm Press studio.

“The bounty of food this valley creates is amazing and I just want to inspire others to learn more about farming,” Tevelde said.

Boxes come with recipe cards, tips on how to reap the rewards and sweet surprises, connecting recipients with other Valley-owned businesses.

The Paper Farm Press website allows you to shop occasionally, personalize your own card, or subscribe to a seasonal stationery box.

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