Grantwood Village may add more siding choices to its town code after the board discussed a possible change on April 19.

Currently, the village only allows exterior brick, stone, or stucco with permitted siding on the ends of the roof. The change, proposed by Building Commissioner Kurt Voss, would add “fiber cement/toughboard” cladding to new second floors.

“It just allows the architect to have a bit more ability to add textures, colors and patterns to the structure,” Voss said. “It’s only to build a second floor where a second floor doesn’t exist.”

Chairman Kevin Kelso said he sees no reason to change and would even be open to removing the stucco siding from the existing ordinance. Voss said the change would add more texture to the village so there are fewer “big brick” walls and houses everywhere.

Public Works Commissioner Mark Kienstra said he would contact a professor of architecture at the University of Washington to get more information for the council, but in the meantime he was unsure whether the change would be fair to residents who have done brick and stone additions in the past.

“We have a commitment that we made to previous residents who put a lot of money into this and I struggle with how we do this properly,” Kienstra said.

The board tabled the issue for its May meeting, which will be its first in-person meeting in years. The meeting will be held at Grantwood Village Town Hall, 1 Missionary Ridge, at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month, May 17.