Republican governors who engage in the cruel spectacle of driving Latin American migrants out of their states are actively contributing to the border crisis, according to the top US border official.

Republican governors. Ron DeSantis of Florida, Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona have spent millions of dollars airlifting and busing people seeking refuge in the United States to areas with large numbers of Democrats, in an effort to to denounce immigration along the southern border. In the case of DeSantis, his condition is not even have a southern border, and it admitted that the immigration rate was not high enough in his state to allow him to turn the flights into a spectacle, so he instead sent planes to pick up migrants in Texas.

Some of the migrants were dropped off outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington. Some were airlifted to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Others were flown to New York and Chicago.

But U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus told the Los Angeles Times last week that the governors’ actions were in fact incentive migrants to reach the border.

From Time:

“It’s safe to say that what’s happening is a pull factor, which is somewhat ironic given the criticism from some of these same governors involved in this case of various pull factors that they believe exist. already”, [Magnus] said. Magnus said social media has a strong influence, noting it is appealing “when migrants hear that there are buses that will take them to places where they are told they will receive benefits and jobs” . Smugglers use the same information “to further manipulate and deceive migrants”, he said.

Magnus’ claims lend credence to comparisons people have done between what Republican governors do and the smugglers – sometimes called “coyotes” – who make grandiose promises to migrants about the benefits they are likely to receive once they arrive in the United States In fact, many of the migrants who were airlifted to Martha’s Vineyard are to chase DeSantis, claiming they received misleading brochures promising benefits for which they are not eligible.

Keep in mind: The governors who launched these dire plans arrogantly portrayed themselves as heroic saviors of a beleaguered immigration system. What they did was like strut confidently into a bustling kitchen and light the whole thing on fire.

In reality, Abbott, Ducey and DeSantis are out of their depth, making fun of themselves and making a bigger mess of a problem they think they can solve.