The Municipality of Heraklion on the island of Crete promotes the natural beauty and historic villages of its continent in a new leaflet which is available in English and Greek.

The new brochure “Heraklion, gifts of nature” is distributed in the information points located in the high tourist places of the city and includes photographic material of the continental destinations of the municipality, as well as suggestions for visits to villages, historical monuments, monasteries, churches and natural sites.

In addition, the brochure provides information on local art, local festivals (panigiria) and flavors.

“Our continental destinations have a lot to offer visitors. We are continuing our tourism policy to make Heraklion a year-round tourist destination but we are also interested in the balanced development of the center and the surroundings of our municipality”, deputy mayor in charge of tourism Giorgos Sisamakis said.

The brochure will soon be made available to travelers through hotels, travel agencies and other tourism-related organizations.

The municipality also offers foreign visitors a map in english for mainland destinations from Heraklion.

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