At the premiere of Connect In Pharma, which takes place on September 14 and 15 in Geneva (Palexpo), Gerresheimer presents himself on stand A20. Gerresheimer is one of the founding partners of Connect in Pharma and will present its latest product solutions in the field of medical devices and packaging. A specialized conference and a workshop will accompany the presentation of the show.

Patient-centered approach for subcutaneous delivery of large volumes of large molecule biologics

To meet the needs of patients and users, Gerresheimer focuses on subcutaneous delivery and the current landscape of delivery solutions for large molecule biologics. In his presentation on September 14 from 2:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m., Dr. Reza Abedian, Senior Medical Affairs Manager, will explain how this patient-centered approach can be implemented. Additionally, Patient Preference Information (PPI) will be explored both from a regulatory perspective and based on the results of two existing clinical trials.

Accelerating Injectable Drugs to Market Through Collaboration in Early Clinical Phases

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies focus on molecule discovery and development, but the delivery system is often not addressed in the development process. In the early stages of clinical development (Phase I+II), it may be of interest to discuss different packaging options for the target patient populations, taking into account issues related to drug molecules (concentration, dose, sec, liquid/ liquid, etc.) and associated manufacturing issues.

During the workshop on September 15 from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m., Dr. Wenzel Novak, Senior Global Director Business Development MDS, and Jean-Edouard Rabier, Project Management Director & Sales Development Gx Biological Solutions, will share their experiences and knowledge gained working with known customers. Similarly, specific solutions will be developed with the participants.

Find the right product solution with the gGuide

Gerresheimer is creating more direct access to its various product solutions for its pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and veterinary customers and partners through the gGuide. A specially developed algorithm is used to filter over 1,500 products from the company’s various pharmaceutical product areas based on user input. The gGuide product selector combines the modern use of online guidance with the highly valued expertise of the Gerresheimer team.

SensAIR technology for the delivery of organic products

Based on the revolutionary SensAIR technology, the drug-device platform can deliver biological products such as monoclonal antibodies with different viscosities and large volumes up to 20ml.

First Gerresheimer auto-injector

The Gerresheimer auto-injector is the innovative result of the strategic partnership between Gerresheimer and Midas Pharma. The latest generation of the auto-injector is suitable for subcutaneous injections up to 3 ml by means of a glass cartridge for high viscosity formulations such as new biological actives or biosimilars.

Gx InnoSafe protects against accidental needlestick injuries and is easy to refill

Nurses are among the occupational groups where cuts and punctures are most common. This can lead to infection with dangerous pathogens such as hepatitis B and C viruses or HIV. The Gx InnoSafe safety syringe is the first syringe on the market with a pre-installed passive needle protection system (RTF is thus implemented in a safety system for the first time).

Its function prevents anyone from accidentally injuring themselves on a syringe that has already been used by an unintentional needle stick, as the needle is protected by a sleeve after use. The security feature can be used on any existing RTF system without any additional investment.

Gx Elite bottles: unbreakable, durable and ready to fill

Gx Elite vials are the result of a thorough, multi-year product development process. Highly unbreakable bottles are extremely durable and free from cosmetic defects. They also have an incredibly sturdy structure, while their resistance to delamination protects the medicine inside. Ease of use and a range of packaging options ensure that Gx Elite vials can be supplied for consistent use on a variety of filling lines.

COP vials and syringes for liquid medications as an alternative to glass

Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP) packaging materials combine the best properties of plastic and glass packaging for liquid drugs. COP vials or syringes demonstrate better compatibility with specific drug products compared to glass vials and syringes. This is particularly the case when the drug formulation has an extremely high pH value, which would attack the glass surface, or when the drug product is sensitive to metal ions, which can escape from the glass matrix.

Recently, several studies on deep freezing have shown that COP vials are a recommended container closure system (CCS) for pharmaceutical products that must be stored at temperatures of -80°C or lower, as they retain their integrity during freezing. freezing. Temperature. Thus, such COP-based packaging is the best option for the next generation of gene and cellular drugs.

Product information on the stand for long-lasting download

Gerresheimer takes sustainability seriously. Instead of printed catalogs and brochures, these are also offered at the stand as direct download via QR codes.