Hello, my name is Nova Starling, the artist behind the posters. My educational nonprofit is ART & RESOURCES TO INSPIRE. Find the exhibition, courses and resources at AART II.org

Achieve our goal of $10,000 will provide these resources to 100 public schools.

Young people need a way to deal with complex social issues. Having a voice and taking action gives them a sense of empowerment and direction. AARTII combines the art and inspiring stories of a diverse group of visionaries as a way to reach and encourage students of all demographics to explore and realize their own potential to improve the human condition. AARTII provides students with tools to define themselves, find purpose, and make a difference through social action.

The AARTII programs are a resource for the school curriculum.


Our program has become an exhibit and resource in the Livermore Valley Unified School District curriculum for their 9 middle and high schools.

We need funding to deliver posters and brochures to the rest of the middle and high schools in Alameda County

101 schools will cost $10,000


AARTII offers a set of posters for middle and high schools representing a diverse group of visionaries whose lives are dedicated to improving the human condition.

Their presence can spark conversations in a variety of classrooms about diversity, community, humanity, and the environment.

By using Portraits as a vehicle for reflection, students have the opportunity to see themselves and others in a different light.


The lesson plans serve as a roadmap for students to become visionaries themselves, examining and comparing their mindset and principles with those of influential leaders and exploring how an interest can become a career and how personal efforts can influence the behavior of society.

Each lesson ends with a creative project that gives shape to a student’s thinking,

Culminates in finding their hero and making a statement about a social issue that matters to them deeply.

Like a RESOURCE on AARTII.org:

The ‘Activate’ and ‘Educate’ pages contain links for young people to think and act in the areas of ecology, energy, climate change, public health, human rights, of human nature and identity.

Students are encouraged to engage in a community activity that improves the state of their concern.

See short presentations by clicking on their links here or on the aartii’s homepage website
Lesson Plan / “Portraits – Connecting People” Link
Take a Tour / “Art Meets Action” Video Link
Take a Guided Tour/Becoming a Visionary Lesson Plan Slideshow Link
Guided tour / Slideshow of posters “Shaping the visionaries of tomorrow” Link
Guided tour / Interview Slideshow “Visionaries Audio Sampler” Link

Here is some Student projects “Finding Your Hero” and “Finding Your Voice” lessons: