Priti Patel has slammed environmental ‘thugs’ for ‘waging a war on the British people’ after they spent days digging tunnels under motorways, preventing the delivery of groceries and petrol as well as printing of the Daily Mail.

The protest by Just Stop Oil activists blocking a gas station has forced the closure of highways leading to print shops, and the Home Secretary has asked the police to crack down harder on these “lawless” protesters.

After a last-minute deal to print at other locations, The Mail was only able to distribute the newspapers to customers yesterday morning. Some delivery trucks were redirected several miles away and other drivers were rushed to fulfill orders.

Because campaigners claimed their tunnel had damaged the road, Essex Police banned all cars from using it.

Early in the morning, it was reopened, but only to “priority traffic”; the delivery of newspapers was presumably excluded due to official instructions.

Newspaper delivery vehicles were finally put on the priority list yesterday afternoon so more disruption was not expected.

“These thugs and so-called eco-warriors are waging war on the British people by going out of their way with deliberate disruption to our daily way of life – our freedoms, our free press,” Miss Patel said. They are at fault.

“In my opinion, they should all be arrested. This is a symptomatic example of the anarchy in our country, where it is accepted that these individuals can act in this way. It’s not acceptable.

“Police must use the full weight of the law and stop these protesters from entering the area.” Use the laws that have been put in place.

There are already laws that allow arrest for aggravated trespassing, and my public order bill would add additional criminal offenses for similar protest techniques.

However, Deputy Police Chief Glen Pavelin used a different tone when he suggested the protesters leave.

He said: “We stand ready to work with you to ensure that your rights to peaceful protest can be exercised without members breaking the law. We take the concerns of this specific protest organization, its members and supporters seriously.

“The current course of action is dangerous and life-threatening.” We urge anyone affected to reconsider their course of action.

For the past week, militants have been digging under the two main access roads near the depot in an attempt to sabotage the fuel supply.

After digging a tunnel below, they forced police to barricade Stoneness Road in Essex last Tuesday, although that hideout is now empty after the remaining activists were arrested last night.

Late Sunday night, they boarded an oil tanker and deflated its tires, blocking St. Clements Way.

In a second tunnel under St. Clements Way, protesters said they managed to breach the road surface within an inch of it and the tunnel was in danger of collapsing.

In order to prevent the route from being overloaded, the police have limited the number of heavy goods vehicles that can travel there. Police officials waived roadblocks yesterday morning for Co-op trucks, tankers and heavy goods vehicles carrying drugs, while other vehicles not on the list were barred from entering or departing. leave the industrial zone.

A businessman said if his drivers weren’t allowed through, his freight business could “go to the wall”.

Joanne Collison, CEO of a transport company, estimated the road closures would cost her business up to £30,000.

According to a Just Stop Oil representative, greater unintended disruption of other businesses, including the print center.

Their aim, she says, is to “continue to pressure the UK government to stop licensing and consenting to new fossil fuel projects”. Eight people were arrested.

The Queen’s Speech included the Public Order Bill, which provides for tougher penalties and new criminal offenses for certain techniques by eco-protesters, such as the ‘lockdown’ of public transport infrastructure.

narrow-minded activists bent on wreaking havoc

by Josh White and Ryan Hooper

With their protests, they have already ruined Premier League football and wreaked havoc on the red carpet.

However, Just Stop Oil supporters show no signs of slowing down, with growing numbers of their supporters ready to hitch to the sidewalks and roads in support of their cause.

Protesters have dug under roads in Thurrock, Essex, over the past week in a bid to sabotage fuel supplies.

On Sunday evening, eight people were arrested after blocking a tanker truck, inflating its tires and boarding the vehicle.

The campaign group only recently staged its first major protest, just over six months ago.

A group of around 30 supporters surrounded the Baftas ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in the heart of London, banging drums, shouting and detonating smoke bombs to demand an end to new fossil fuel projects.

Then 21-year-old serial protester Louis McKechnie ran onto the Goodison Park pitch to disrupt an Everton football game against Newcastle United and tied himself by cable to a goal post.

The British Grand Prix track at Silverstone was then swarmed by five campaigners, and two of them remained obsessed with John Constable’s masterpiece The Hay Wain at the National Gallery in London.

Experienced environmentalist Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, founded Just Stop Oil towards the end of 2021.

Although there was no exact count of supporters at the time, one organizer claimed the number was “growing week by week”.

One of them is Dr Larch Maxey, a 50-year-old academic who was arrested on Sunday after emerging from the tunnel under Stoneness Road in Thurrock on suspicion of creating public embarrassment.

He had left a colleague in the tunnel, but yesterday both left the burrow.

Another group in the nearby St. Clements Way tunnel declares its intention to stay until the government changes its environmental policy.

I spent six days in the tunnel, according to Dr. Maxey. Being able to take action that really changed a lot was incredibly powerful.

The government is behaving dishonestly by allowing tankers to pass over their heads.

They prioritize the needs of big oil above the needs of ordinary people who are struggling to make ends meet.

The organization wants the government to stop issuing new licenses for fossil fuel exploration and production in the UK and is staging mass lockdowns in central London in October.

They claimed the Climate Emergency Fund, a Los Angeles-based organization founded in 2019, provides the majority of their money.

Too often, cops seem more concerned with thugs than victims.

Leo McKinstry’s commentary

Extreme green agitators have many faults, including vanity, complacency, and immaturity. A persistent absence of irony can be added to this list.

These extremists want to make electricity generation even more expensive by shutting down the use of oil and gas and disrupting supply networks at a time when our nation is in critical need of cheaper energy.

Although they complain about “fuel poverty,” their ideas would inevitably lead to blackouts and astronomical further increases in energy costs.

The continued protests in Thurrock, Essex, are typical of their obnoxious and conceited behavior.

They are meant to stop the supply of oil to the site’s massive plant and have been organized by the organization Just Stop Oil, which now joins the young permanents of Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain in the green room of infamy .

Essex Police blocked other supply chains, such as the local council’s rubbish collection service and the delivery of newspapers, including this one, from Thurrock’s large printing works, so the gang did not has not fully succeeded in its objective.

A free press, according to Winston Churchill, “is the tireless defender of all the other liberties which free men cherish”. However, authorities say this is insufficient for it to qualify as a ‘vital service’, so no effort was made to make room for Mail vehicles on Sunday evening.

The complete lack of accountability in the die-hard green movement is what stands out the most.

An organization like Good Stop Oil does not have the power to stop trucks or destroy gas stations, as they did last week, but its members believe their cause is just and they have the right to hold our country to ransom.

And the Just Stop Oil protest in Thurrock is just one small part of a larger program of widespread anarchy planned for the fall.

Extinction Rebellion warns on its website that a major protest will take place in central London in the early days of September and will be preceded by direct action actions such as the ‘Paint the Streets’ campaign.

The “Big One”, an equally massive rally in the capital that will be at the center of “a long period of disruption until the government agrees to form an independent citizens’ assembly on climate and ecological justice”, will have place in October after this.

There will be a campaign to recruit at least 100,000 people for “massive, non-violent and civic resistance” in addition to the Assembly’s demand. Extinction Rebellion stridently declares that “we will refuse to leave until our demands are met”.

Having the freedom to protest is essential to our culture. But the antics of Just Stop Oil and other dogmatists go far beyond that. Their actions have shown that they are opponents of freedom.

Van drivers deliver their goods late, travelers heading to airports miss their flights and children arrive late for school, all because of activists sticking their hands on the sidewalks of major thoroughfares.

The police too often give the impression that they care more about the well-being of protesters than ordinary workers whose lives they make miserable.

In a video clip online, a police officer addresses a crowd of protesters and says, “If any of you need anything, let us know.

It is perhaps unsurprising that angry drivers consider using force to enforce the law. However, the police will physically obstruct anyone who tries to eliminate the protesters on their own.

The police have the right to disperse threatening demonstrations in accordance with laws such as the Public Order Act or the prohibition against obstructing a public road.

However, the events of the weekend in Thurrock made it clearer than ever that the police need more authority to deal with these undemocratic and negligent troublemakers.

When Parliament reconvenes, Tory MPs should unite to push for the swift passage of legislation imposing tougher penalties for their unlawful behaviour.

We can’t allow the wreckers to have the upper hand, that’s obvious. Their perspective is a formula for calamity and upheaval in a nation already in the grip of an energy crisis.