This impressive resume comes from designing and publishing his own font collection and collaborating with top agencies such as Pentagram and Six. However, it is the launch of the Frost website that looks set to take its innovative type work to the next level.

Presenting its mission statement on its frankly beautifully designed site – which is by default a sort of screensaver of the foundry’s logo flashing in a display of stunningly crafted letterforms – Frost aims to work in collaboration with designers and industry leading brands. “We design, publish and distribute retail and custom typefaces,” he explains. “Our type combines historical references with contemporary design.”

Speaking to Creative Boom, Harrison said: “A combination of things led to founding the foundry in 2018. Ultimately, the biggest influence on my appetite for design was growing up with designers from family.

“My late grandfather was a typesetter for a local newspaper and over time he amassed a collection of letterpress printing blocks. Seeing these letter blocks around the house was what first struck me. interested in typography I started designing type in 2015 when I studied the anatomy of typography for a uni module.

“From there I continually drew typefaces, and this naturally evolved into the foundry, which I named after my grandfather, Colin Frost.”

Offering a range of design services, from modifying one of its existing typefaces to designing additional glyphs, alphabets, logo designs and branding, Frost seems to have gone all out to meet to the needs of its customers.

As if that were not enough, Frost also offers to produce fully customized families to meet the specific needs of designers. “We work on a wide range of typed projects, adapted to the needs of our customers”, specifies the site.

The licensing puzzle is also simplified. “Our licenses are based solely on the number of people working for the licensing company. Prices are a one-time fee, so once you’ve purchased a license, you can use the font indefinitely. If you need a license for a company of more than 100 people or if you need additional coverage, such as television or cinema use, software integration or other situations, please contact us.

And if you’re not quite ready to pay, Frost also offers trial offers on all of its retail typefaces so you don’t have to shell out for a license right away. “Trial fonts only provide a limited character set and come without any OpenType functionality,” he explains. So make sure these fonts are for personal use only.

Beautifully laid out and with a business approach every bit as elegant and thoughtful as its product, Frost promises to be a type foundry that agencies and designers will love. Check it now.