You can blame Chuck E. Cheese for Meghan Osuch not becoming a cop. Say what? Born into a family of cops, Osuch assumed she would become a cop too, and she was headed for that career, even studying criminal justice in college. But when she took her first job as a party hostess at the kid-friendly pizza chain, she got her first taste of the food and drink industry. From there she worked for two major chains in Las Vegas, Metro Pizza and PT’s, where she rose through the ranks to management; she also spent time as a cocktail waitress at nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip.

“Honestly, I found I was good at what I did – working in food and beverage – and that made me happy,” says the Las Vegas native. She eventually left the cop career path and stayed on the F&B track, and since 2019 has been working as a pool manager at the Citrus Grand Pool Deck in Downtown Grand.

“I love working outdoors,” says Osuch. “Being born and raised here, and being born in July, I’m a real summer baby.”

As director of Citrus, Osuch says her management style is all about “transparency, openness and honesty with my staff. I have an open door policy. Let them come to you with what they personally need and work wisely.

Citrus guests can easily spot Osuch on the pool deck – she’s always walking around talking with her guests and helping the staff when they need it.

“Being with my guests and my staff is the favorite part of my job. And being outside, I wear tanning lotion; I work on getting a tan all summer,” she laughs.

Libation: Starburst

This cocktail is so popular with diners that it has been on the Citrus cocktail menu for three seasons. The Starburst is mixed with New Amsterdam Pink Whitney lemonade flavored vodka, strawberry puree, sweet and sour, and Sprite. It can be ordered in 12- or 20-ounce cups (or go big with the 32-ounce Souvenir Stallion). Citrus offers a large menu of specialty cocktails and frozen cocktails plus tons of delicious food like street tacos, flatbreads, vegetarian options, desserts, salads, chicken wings, burgers and more .

Advantage: Check out Citrus’ nightly swim parties with live Latin music on Fridays and live reggaeton on Saturdays.

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