FLYING Magazine—part of FLYING Media Group – the world’s leading print aviation publication – is set to hit the newsstands of FBOs and private air terminals across the United States with its latest MediaJet distribution partnership. MediaJet is a Sandow company.

From this month, FLYING will be distributed at MediaJet kiosks located in 130 FBOs across the United States, with an additional 110 branded locations beginning in April 2023.

“We are thrilled with this partnership, MediaJet and the entire Sandow team couldn’t be more excited,” said Eric Hopkins, Executive Vice President of MediaJet, “FLYING is the premier aviation magazine and speaks directly to the population of our network of private jet terminals. You would struggle to craft a more appropriate collaboration in this industry. Both parties recognize this.

The FLYING/The MediaJet partnership was executed between Hopkins and FLYING COO of Media Group, Preston Holland.

“Our audience embraces the aviation lifestyle, from pilots, aircraft owners who fly themselves, to business aviation leaders and business executives,” said Holland. “This partnership allows us to reach our readers at the front door of aviation, at the FBO.

FLYING is the most widely read aviation magazine in the world, and partnering with MediaJet was a natural fit for us, especially with private and personal aviation on the growth trajectory we have been on over the past 24 months.