The windows are open and my particular brain cells feel more alive than they have all week. What do we do with random industry news and happenings during the week? We share them on the blog, of course. (Note: these are not graded.)

1. Our colleague and friend Maury Wright offers context for his departure.

I put a link to Maury’s LinkedIn post, with permission. He was kind enough to deliver a letter to his network regarding his health and resolving what must have seemed like an abrupt change to readers, colleagues and industry contacts.

Now Maury is a pretty private person, but I’m really glad he felt comfortable sharing his status and the events that led to an accelerated retirement from LED magazine. I felt a little bad about what to say/what not to say since it’s not my story to tell, as the saying goes. Our team values ​​every minute Maury has spent leading the brand, serving the public, and building important relationships with the LED and solid state lighting design and supply chain. And we hope he can continue to share this in some way in the future. Cheers Maury!

2. The BrightStar Awards close in 28 days.

Understanding that commercial type things seem less vital in the context of the previous announcement… but moving forward, we remain committed to recognizing industry innovation. Product developments that stand out from the past year will influence future generations of LED lighting technologies, systems and controls that work better, improve function in a space, maintain well-being and encourage efficiency and cost-effectiveness while minimizing the environmental footprint in different applications. Products scoring 3.5 to 5 stars by our judging panel will receive a BrightStar Award. But your achievements can only be recognized if you enter a quote.

3. Control experts are ready to share their successes with you.

Our March 31 webinar, which will be moderated by our Editorial Director, Wanda Lau, features presenters from Silvair and Linmore LED Labs. Silvair’s Jim Sekinger returns to our ‘airwaves’ to explain the potential of networked lighting controls to increase the energy savings of LED lighting installations, in conjunction with Linmore executive Paul Chamberlain. Both presenters have an in-depth knowledge of the challenges of integrating LED lighting and controls into retrofit projects and how to streamline them as much as possible. Sign up for the free one-hour webcast to get their tips.

4. Light community bands to support war relief efforts in Ukraine.

Once again, I am heartened by the humanity and generosity the lighting industry has shown. Very soon after Edison Report Randy Reid gathered information on UNICEF’s campaign to help war-affected children in Ukraine, initial fundraising goal met. I encourage anyone considering donating to relief efforts to take a look and contribute to the campaign if you’re inclined. Randy has already confirmed that UNICEF minimizes administrative costs to maximize fundraising impacts.

5. Ams Osram is (still) up to date.

Our Mark Halper is on ams Osram’s latest sale, which seems to be dropping most everything to do with finished SSL products. Automotive Lighting Systems GmbH will bring the final headlight assemblies and LED headlight modules to the Plastic Omnium portfolio.

CARRIE MEADOWS is editor-in-chief of LEDs Magazine, with 20 years of B2B publishing experience in technology markets including semiconductor technology manufacturing, fiber optic communications, machine vision, lasers and photonics, as well as than LEDs and lighting.

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