Eureka Main Street presents First Saturday Night Arts Alive on June 4 from 6-9 p.m. Our galleries, museums, theatres, bars and restaurants are open. Some businesses continue to require everyone to wear masks and follow other COVID safety precautions to keep customers and staff safe. Please abide by the standards set by individual companies, be nice, and enjoy the evening!

SHOP FRAMES ART CENTER 616 Second Street. Cyndy Kelso, outdoor watercolor and acrylic paintings of local landscapes via her Adventure Motorbike.

ART CENTER SPACE 620 second street. Great selection of local art.

THE BODEGA 426 Third Street. Sarah Meyer Photography.

BY NIEVES: NATURAL HANDMADE SKINCARE 311 F St. Music by Mattole Mudstompers, acoustic.

C STREET STUDIOS 208 C St. Various artists.

CANVAS + CLAY 233 F Street. Group exhibition, “MEOW”, the art of the cat in paintings, sculpture, textile arts, hand-painted tote bags and cat planters.

CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM 240 E Street. Marble exhibition.

THE EPITOME GALLERY 420 Second Street. Michael Kershnar, “Beside the Sacred Eel”, mixed media.

EUREKA BOOKS 426 Second Street. Michael Kauffman, “California Desert Plants”, book signing.

EUREKA VISITOR CENTER 240 E Street. Josh Overington, scientific illustrator.

GOOD RELATIONS 223 second street. Becca Hedges, paintings. Live modeling of Va Va Voom Burlesque Vixens.

HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL 636 F St. Music by the Latin Peppers. William Thonson Gallery: Erin Lee Gafill, “Califiornia Experience”, abstract landscape works. Anderson Gallery: Kit Davenport, “Cloud Vessel”, new sculpture and drawing in mixed medium. Gallery of Knights: Jim McVicker, “Recent Landscape Paintings of Humboldt County in Gouache.” Museum Shop/Permanent Collection Gallery: Merchandise inspired by artwork exhibited by Morris Graves, Glenn Berry, Melvin Schuler and Romano Gabriel. Homer Balabanis Gallery/Humboldt Artist Gallery:

Figurative and abstract paintings, prints, jewelry, photographs and ceramics by local artists.

HUMBOLDT HERBS 300 second street. Joy Holland, mosaics with film photography. Caroline Holmes, ceramic sculptures for home and garden altars. Live Celtic music by Blake.

JUST MY TYPE STATIONERY 235 F Street. Skye Henryly, drawings.

HIS LITTLE SHOP 416 Second Street. Seana Burden, paintings.

THE MADRONE TAPHOUSE & BRICK FIRE PIZZA 421 Third Street. Blake Regan, mixed media. Music by Matthew Seno, keyboardist with a guitarist.

MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 second street. Showcasing the work of over 40 local artists and handmade items from around the world.

MENDENHALL STUDIOS 215 C St. Various artists.


NEST 330 second street. Hand painted home and garden decor.

OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 417 Second Street. Susan Cawthon, Evan Kovasi and Yannis Stefanakis, photography, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors, drawings, sculpture, textiles, mixed media and ceramics.

OLD TOWN INK LABORATORY 212 G Street, Suite 103. Wanderstay vending machine full of art and fun.

OLD TOWN COFFEE AND CHOCOLATES 211 F Street. Northern California sunsets, photography. Music by Red Hot Shame.

PEARL LOUNGE 507 Second Street. Anna Amezcua and Nancy Ayers, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media.

APPROPRIATE WELLNESS CENTER 517 Fifth Street. Collection of local artists and glassblowers from Humboldt and around the world.

REDWOOD ART ASSOCIATION 603 F St. “Fiber Arts Exhibition”, collective exhibition of oil painting, acrylic painting, textiles, mixed techniques. Music by Bruce Taylor, acoustic. Gift wine available.

REDWOOD RIDEAU THEATER 220 First Street Kaelan Docherty, “Night of the Hanging Pants”, mixed media, fashion. Music by singer-songwriter Zera Strachild.

REDWOOD DISCOVERY MUSEUM 612 G St. Children alive! 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Drop-off program for children 3.5 to 12 years old. Children can enjoy crafts, science activities, pizza, and exploring interactive exhibits ($20 per child, $17 members).

REDWOOD MUSIC MART 511 F St. Dixieland jazz by Redwood Dixie Gators.

RETRO REDWOOD 211 G Street. Travel, audiovisual art exhibition on the television stage. Toys from the 90s.

FIVE ONZE RESTAURANT 511 Second Street. Anna Amezcua and Nancy Ayers, oil and acrylic paint, mixed media.

ROSEBUD HOME PRODUCTS 213 F Street. Tina Rousselot, oil paintings. Music by Laura Black, flute.

SAGE 203 F Street. Witherspoon Leather, leatherworker.

SAILOR’S GRAVE TATTOO 138 Second Street. The art of tattooing.

SHIPWRECK 430 Third Street. Renee Thompson, paintings and maps.

SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art & Engineering 401 Fifth Street. BJ Fitzpatrick, “Art After 80.”

THE SPHERICAL 411, alley of the Opera. Jenni and David and the Sweet Soul Band, soul music. 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

TAILWAGGERS 2 239 G Street. Animals in the shop and reductions from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

VIXEN 622 second street. Teresa Stanley, mixed media.

THE WINE CELLAR 407 Second Street. Alan Workman, photography. Music by Sherita Perez, folk.

ZEN-HUMBOLDT 437 F Street. Joy Holland, “The Art of Joy Emporium”, mixed media.

ZUMBIDO GIFTS 410 Second Street. Mojave Metals, rosaries and jewelry.