Public health effort aims to curb COVID-19 in jails and prisons

A U of M Healthy Youth Development – ​​Prevention Research Center (PRC) team aimed at increasing trust and uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine among prison and prison populations in Minnesota is making progress, thanks to its Community Advisory Board. Each member of the CRP’s 14-member research team advisory board has lived experience of incarceration. Learn more about this job.

U of M announces sewage dashboard for COVID-19

The University of Minnesota, supported by the Minnesota Department of Health and 3M, posted a wastewater dashboard on the Institute of Infectious Diseases website. The data illustrates SARS-CoV-2 found by participating wastewater treatment plants in relation to COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in that region. The dashboard reflects virus detection in sewage approximately two weeks before clinical cases appear in hospitals or clinics.

UMN News: February 2022

The February episode of the “UMN Headlines” video series shares highlights from the University of Minnesota system, including a grant to advance racial justice in Minnesota, a grant for rural economic development, the implementation of life-saving gene therapy, a step forward in the engineering of living building materials, the development of a flexible OLED display, and more. See past episodes here.

Google Update: Changes to the Gmail Interface

Starting February 22, Google is introducing a new user interface for Gmail. The main feature of the interface is the addition of a navigation bar that lets you move between apps like Google Chat and Meet without switching tabs or opening a new window. You can sign up to use the new interface until it becomes the default for everyone in summer 2022. Learn more about Gmail interface changes and how to sign up.

Now accepting nominations for Outstanding Service to University Senate Governance

The nomination deadline for the 2022 Vickie R. Courtney Award for Outstanding Service to University Senate Governance is March 11. , civil service personnel, and students across the system who have had a significant impact on the governance of the University Senate. Recipients of this award will receive a one-time stipend of $1,000.

Call for Proposals: Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar

The Institute for Advanced Study coordinates the internal review process for the University’s one-time nomination of a Mellon Foundation John E. Sawyer Seminary. Seminars typically meet for a year and bring together faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and community members from various fields. Apply before March 1 and register for an information session on February 18.

MITPPC Request for Proposals

The Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center (MITPPC) seeks invasive species research proposals that develop methods to prevent and minimize the threats posed by invasive terrestrial plants, other weeds, pathogens, and pests in order to protect grasslands, forests, wetlands and agricultural resources. Up to $5 million will be allocated for new or ongoing projects under this call for pre-proposals. The deadline for pre-proposals is April 29, 4:30 p.m.

Community Board Opportunity for Teachers

The Regional Sustainability Partnerships (RSDP) extension supports community-engaged scholarship through five area councils serving Greater Minnesota. The RSDP Boards of Directors have openings for U of M faculty members for three-year terms. RSDP councils bring members of the local community together with faculty, extension educators and staff to review and support community-driven sustainability project ideas. Projects often provide teachers with the opportunity to test and share knowledge in a real-life setting.

Office of Equity and Diversity Awards Submission Deadline Extended

The submission deadline for the Josie R. Johnson Award for System-wide Human Rights and Social Justice, Outstanding Unit Award for Equity and Diversity, and University Achievement Award Undergraduate in Equity and Diversity has been extended until March 1st.

Research Summary: Communication Spillover Process in Families

New research from the College of Liberal Arts explores how phenomena such as attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance lead to harmful relationship outcomes for romantic partners and their families. Other recent research abstracts include “High-Quality Home Health Agencies Are ‘Out of Reach’ for Medicare Beneficiaries of Color” and “Blood Levels of Common Antiepileptic Drugs Drop During Pregnancy, Causing Seizures ‘epilepsy.”

Discuss recent articles about instructors promoting student diversity, equity, and inclusion

Join colleagues in monthly online discussions of scholarly educational articles on demographics topics that reveal intersectionality, anti-racist teaching practices, and closing performance gaps. Sign up to access related readings and resources, online meeting details and event reminders.

March 2 – Research Ethics Day Webinar – Deepening Engagement and Equity in Research: Next Steps in Research Ethics

National leaders will discuss the challenges and benefits of increased engagement with historically underrepresented and underserved communities, and how engagement can advance equitable outcomes in precision medicine, environmental and global health and neuroscience research. Free CE credits offered. An agenda, full list of speakers and other resources are available on the Law and Values ​​Consortium website. 9am-1.30pm

March 14 – Startup Assessments 101

Register for this interactive online event to learn more about assigning a rating to your startup. Topics will include the importance of an accurate valuation, the best data sources for establishing a valuation, how to find comparable valuations for small businesses, and more.

April 11-15 – IEM Innovation Week

The Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) Innovation Week will highlight events focused on advances and new directions in medical engineering. Events include the Medical Device Design Conference (April 11-14), Medical Device Safety 101 (April 11), Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium (April 14-15), and more.

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February 24 – How dinosaurs learned to fly

February 25 – Where do we go from here? A discussion on the near future of COVID, presented by Michael Osterholm

February 25 – Successes and Challenges of Care Transition for Rare Diseases

March 3 – Headliners: Intimate Lies and the Law

March 3-4 – Register for the Keeping Our Faculty of Color Symposium

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