AP reported that the documents show how Trump’s retention and non-return of top-secret government documents, despite months of retrieval efforts by officials, exposes the former president to further legal trouble.

An FBI agent, on the first page of the affidavit, sought a judge’s authorization for a search warrant at Trump’s property and wrote:

Meanwhile, Trump insisted he was cooperating fully with government officials and further rallying members of the Grand Old Party behind him, calling the search a politically motivated witch hunt designed to damage his re-election prospects. .

On Monday, August 22, Trump sued the US government over the FBI-led raid on his Florida estate that same month.

In his lawsuit, Trump urged the court to block the bureau from reading the seized documents until a special court official is assigned to review them.

The lawsuit also mentioned that “President Donald J Trump is the clear front-runner in the 2024 Republican presidential primary and the 2024 general election, should he choose to run.”

He also said law enforcement is a “shield” that protects Americans and cannot be used as a “weapon” for political gain.

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