The Fawick Gallery organized an exhibition from February 4 to 11 for leading graphic design specialists to showcase the work they produced at Baldwin Wallace.

The show, themed “Ascend”, featured 11 seniors on the program. Unlike last year, when pandemic restrictions forced an exhibition closed, the exhibition was open to staff, students and the community.

According to Erica Lull, coordinator of the digital media design program, the exhibition is an opportunity for the community to better understand graphic design as an art and marketing form.

“A lot of people don’t understand what it takes to create a logo, packaging, or brochure,” Lull said. “It’s not just about understanding the software; there’s a lot that goes into the groundwork, like design elements and principles and understanding technical and legal situations.

Senior Graphic Design major Sierra Nelson said she was grateful and encouraged by the community’s support for the event.

“These designs take a lot of research and a lot of time to manufacture,” Nelson said. “It’s always nice for people to see our final products and the time it took to come up with the final design.”

Students presented a portfolio of work they created during their time at BW. Some of the featured items included logos, brochures, packaging designs, and website designs.

“Each of these items has its own unique purpose,” Lull said. “It’s like a body of work that they’ve completed since they’ve been in the program and what they’ll use to interview for a job.”

Lull said the exposure is a practical way for students to build skills that will serve them well in the job market.

“It also gives students who participate in the exhibition the experience of talking about their work with others,” Lull said. “It allows students to practice this skill, as they will use it during a job interview or when talking to clients and having to explain their work.”