Compiled by Nadia Reese
AFRO editorial assistant

The season of Lent makes us think of things to eliminate from our way of life to put us in a more meditative state in preparation for Easter. Some members of our community have said this about their sacrifices.

“During the Lenten season, I make a vow to give up fast food for 30 days to help my health.”

Nisa Wiggs

Jessica Smith

“I love being the tangible hands and feet of Christ, not just during Lent, but throughout the year. This year, instead of giving up a favorite food or bad habit, I’m committing to donate 40 lightly used clothes. Many people have had a hard time during this pandemic and their weight has fluctuated. I want to help ease the burden on people who have to buy new clothes, especially if they cannot afford to pay them. I live a frugal life and teach biblical finance. Even in this picture I’m wearing a thrift store outfit! If you’d like to get involved, email me at [email protected]

Jessica Smith

summer burrell

“In observing Lent, I commit to taking a walk of at least 20 minutes daily as a form of meditation time with the Creator.”

Summer R Burrell

Caroline Harcum

“I am grateful for the 40 days of Lent. The holy season is all about increasing daily scripture reading and sacrificing wrapped candies.

Carol B. Harcum

“I’m not celebrating Lent this year, but I know its importance.”

Ron Wiggs

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