LONDON, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sam Cinkir, Director of Este Medical Groupwas named CEO of the Year in the Cosmetic Health Industry by European CEO magazine.

Cinkir founded the cosmetics company in 2015, investing his life savings and making it his mission to make hair, face and skin treatments “previously only available to the top 1%” more affordable and open to “everything”. the world”.

The group is now the UK’s leading skin and hair specialist with a market value of £40million, serving more than 2,000 patients a day. It offers non-surgical hair, face and body solutions across the UK and beyond, with clinics at birmingham, London, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Sutton Coldfield.

The European CEO chose Cinkir for this award in recognition of its innovative approach to the cosmetics industry and its bold leadership strategy, which emphasizes staff well-being and career development.

“I employ some of the nicest and most experienced employees, but I don’t just look at their experience.” said Cinkir. “I also look at their personality.”

The company is known for its client-centric approach as well as its focus on making treatments more accessible.

“I am honored to win the European CEO award,” said Cinkir. “My dream is for Este Medical Group to continue to grow and open new branches in cities around the world. I want to inspire others by sharing my success story; life will throw up many obstacles for you, but if you Stay true to your dreams and your vision, anything is possible.”

As well as offering treatments in the UK, the group has branches in Dhaka, Milano and Bucharest and provides plastic surgery procedures and hair transplants from its outpost of Istanbul.

Cinkir aims to open another 30 branches in the UK in the coming years, including a hospital for surgical needs to further expand the reach of the business, with the ambitious aim of becoming the largest cosmetics company UK over the next five years.

Learn more about Cinkir and the story behind Este Medical Group here

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