Hyderabad: The Telangana High Court on Saturday ordered government agencies to ensure adequate working conditions for migrant workers in brick kilns, in accordance with the law, to check cases of labor exploitation.

In addition, the court ordered the Telangana State Legal Services Authority (TSLSA) to coordinate with relevant agencies to
ensure strict compliance with orders to ensure the well-being of workers.

The directions were issued by the High Court Divisional Bench, comprising Chief Justice Ujjal Bhuyan and Justice Surepalli Nanda, while dealing with a suo motu PIL on the plight of brick kiln workers.

The tribunal based its orders on a field investigation undertaken by the TSLSA member-secretary and a subsequent report filed on the workers’ grievances.

The court also ordered the TSLSA, mandal legal services committees, law students, paralegals and village paralegals to provide information on labor laws and welfare programs for migrant workers through through posters, leaflets, brochures, print and electronic media.

The court said it would help officials keep track of workers, as well as verify the activities of illegal contractors and their agents.

The tribunal said toll-free hotlines must also be made available to workers, to connect with medical, health, labor, education, rural water supply, ICDS and district supply manager through one line.

“There is a need to strengthen cooperation between labour, tax and police departments to make it easier for authorities to act as a deterrent and convict contractors and operators of unlicensed brick kilns for violations of law,” the court noted.