Dear readers,

Another academic year has passed.

In some ways, the 2021-22 school year has been like any other. Students would go to class (sometimes), study at the library, support a mediocre Nebraska football team at Memorial Stadium, and hang out with their friends. We have all experienced this before.

However, it was also a year like no other. It started with protests on Greek Row against sexual violence on campus, as thousands rallied over the course of a week and a half to demand change at the university. The University of Nebraska system has become a political battleground over critical race theory, as the Board of Regents held a contentious vote on the topic in August. Mask mandates were constantly changing, student government held a contentious election, and Sister Cindy made an appearance on campus to tell us to be a “Ho No Mo.”

This magazine is dedicated to commemorating the highs and lows of this year while highlighting the defining moments and people you may have missed. From a full timeline of this school year with recaps of great moments to features on student-athletes and performers, we wanted to tell important and compelling stories from the year with this project.

Looking to next year, we hope we move further away from the COVID-19 pandemic while realizing that we are just another variation away from a return to mask requirements and learning to distance. We look forward to more Husker games, campus events, breaking news and more, and we’ll be here to cover and tell it all.

Like many of you, the Daily Nebraskan staff is taking much of the summer to relax and regroup. We’ll be back in the fall to continue informing the campus community, as we have done for 121 years. We hope you enjoy reading and have a restful, safe and healthy summer!

With summer accents,

The Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board