The Southwestern University Libraries Center for Research and Special Collections recently received the Albuquerque Lodge archives from the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) and made them available for research. This collection was made possible by long-time UNM donor Dr. Siu G. Wong.

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Albuquerque Lodge was founded in 1961. The organization is part of the national CACA which was established in San Francisco in 1895. Its mission is to promote citizenship, community service and leadership. At the local level, the Albuquerque Lodge offers social activities, leadership programs and scholarships. The Lodge educates young people about their cultural heritage and helps them prepare for their future.

The collection contains ACCA brochures, conference programs, meeting agendas, minutes, photographs and notes. The material includes documents from local CACA events and across the country. Ten photographs selected from the CACA Collection are available to the public on the CSWR New Mexico Digital Collection to place. Among the many photographs is a photo of the founding members of CACA Albuquerque Lodge in 1961. The collection also includes planning for activities such as the Albuquerque Chinese-American Film Festival, the Autumn Moon Golf Tournament, the construction of a monument in memory of an 1882 New Mexico Sino-American Civil Rights Case and the Chinese-American Museum exhibit that was featured. at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History.

Dr. William Jones and Dr. Siu Wong, long-time UNM donors.

Dr. Siu Wong and his spouse, Dr. William Jones, sponsored the one-year CSWR CACA Archival Fellowship which was awarded to Andrea Quijada, who curated the collection. Quijada holds an MA in Art History from UNM and currently holds a PhD from UNM. candidate in art history. Among other accomplishments, she has founded and led various organizations in Albuquerque and is the former executive director of the Media Literacy Project (MLP). During her tenure at MLP, she served two terms on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Board. While at UNM, Quijada received the competitive award for 2020-2021 Susan Deese-Roberts Teaching Assistant of the Year.

Wong and Jones have been prominent members of the UNM and Albuquerque community for several years. Wong previously served as president of CACA Albuquerque Lodge and led efforts to place the plaque honoring Chinese-American pioneers on the Imperial Building in downtown Albuquerque.

Wong and Jones helped raise money for The View from the golden mountain monument at the Bernalillo County Courthouse to commemorate the historic Chinese American Civil Rights Case of 1882, New Mexico Territory vs. Yee Shun Chinese.

During her career as an optometrist, she served as director of the eye care division of the US Public Health Service – Indian Health Service program for the Albuquerque area.

William Jones, who is also an optometrist in Albuquerque, graduated from UNM’s biology department in 1969. He worked with the Veterans Administration and was the founding president of the Optometric Retinal Society.

Wong and Jones continue to be avid donors to UNM and currently sponsor the Dr. William Jones and Dr. Siu Wong UNM Department of Biology Endowment Fund for Urgent Needs.

The CACA collection helps fulfill the common goal of Wong, Albuquerque Lodge, and CSWR to preserve and teach Chinese American history in New Mexico. The research guide to the collection can be found on the CSWR New Mexico Archives Online to place. The collection is also accessible to the public during normal CSWR library hours.

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Albuquerque Lodge Records Collection is just the beginning of CSWR’s intention to document the lives of Chinese Americans in New Mexico. CSWR welcomes the donation of all Chinese American materials – photographs, letters, diaries and recordings that extend the contributions not only of CACA members, but of Chinese Americans in New Mexico in general. These collections will chronicle the Chinese-American diaspora in Albuquerque and New Mexico. For more information on the collection, visit

If you are interested in donating to CSWR for the collection’s preservation and education efforts, visit