HARLEM SPRINGS — Carolyn Kibble, president, presided as members of the Alpha Mu Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma held their first club meeting of the year Sept. 10 at Harsh Memorial United Methodist Church in Harlem Springs.

Kibble welcomed the members and guest Rachael Cline. The members recited the oath of allegiance and read the compendium. Ann Wiley reported that 25 people attended. “We remember,” a tribute to 9/11 and a selection encouraging teachers were read by Kibble.

The minutes of the May 14 meeting were approved. Mary Barnes distributed a financial report. Corresponding Secretary Lindsay Clifton noted that everyone received a newsletter in the mail for the first meeting, but only those who want a hard copy of the newsletter will receive one in the future.

Under Old Business, Kibble reported on the June 16 board meeting, noting that there were changes to the program books and that meetings would be held in September, October, December, April, May and June.

In committee reports, Julie Blanton, chair of scholarships and global scholarship, said the executive committee voted to add Harrison Hills School District to the list of schools for teacher scholarships. beginners. They also voted to include cookies for staff on opening day. Blanton delivered cookies, scholarship applications, and brochures detailing DKG’s goals with contacts for Alpha Mu Chapter representatives. She encouraged members to accept scholarship applications and prepare for the December fundraiser for the scholarship program.

In a membership and obituary report, Donna Iachini, President, acknowledged Mary Barnes, Julie Blanton, Carolyn Kibble, Barbara Losey, Judy Serder, Diane McElwain, Edwina McElwain, Rose Seck, Darlene Smith, Carole Thorne, Julie Workman and itself for perfect attendance from September 2021 to May. Everyone received a certificate and a small gift.

Certificates and gifts were also presented to members Shirley Riggleman, 54 years of membership; Barbara Carter and Joyce Palmer, 51; and Patricia Fletcher for 50 years in the Alpha Mu chapter. Additional membership prizes were awarded to Bonita Lucci, 45; Nancy Shuster, 40; Stella Parikakis, 40; Linda Nocera, 35; Ann Wiley, 25; Gina Judy, 10; and five-year-old Donna McCasland, Darlene Mason and Marlene Wolf.

In a personal growth and service report, Rose Seck announced that monetary donations would be collected for the Carrollton Back Pack program, which totaled $180.

Carole Thorne from the Host Committee shared a selection from Chicken Soup for Teachers titled “A great way to earn a living.” Lindsay Clifton gave a “special flowers and marigolds” report.

Ann Wiley, Social Arrangements, thanked the group for their contributions to the WEBA Pantry. She reported that the next meeting will be at the Carrollton Bible Chapel on October 8. The program will be “Social and Emotional Learning” as implemented in local Edison schools.

Belinda Mach introduced the Carrollton Schools Weekend Backpack Program, explaining how the program started in 2013 and the changes it has gone through. What started as “Blessings in a Backpack” feeding 50 elementary students over the weekend has evolved into a program feeding over 270 elementary, middle and high school students. The Caring, Helping and Sharing Club packs the bags which are discreetly deposited in lockers. Mach described how volunteers order, organize, pack and contribute financially to the project. She noted that it costs $100 to feed a child for a year. The money has been raised in a variety of ways, but generally relies on the kindness of teachers, staff and community support.

Rachael Cline won the design for a big yellow mom. The members sang the song Delta Kappa Gamma.

Carole Thorne gave the blessing for the meal.

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