Hold on to your butt! The Nashville Zoo is about to be overrun by dinosaurs.

If you’ve ever been to the Nashville Zoo, you know it has so much to offer. It’s a free zoo and between all the animals you see as well as some of the shows they have there, you could spend all day at the zoo. Now the Nashville Zoo has announced a new temporary exhibit that will take you back in time.

DinoTrek returns to the Nashville Zoo

For the first time since 2014, DinoTrek returns to the Nashville Zoo. What is DinoTrek, you might be wondering? According to the Nashville Zoo:

DinoTrek begins at a hidden entrance near the zoo’s historic Grassmere House and Farm and winds its way along a forest trail where visitors encounter lifelike prehistoric beasts that move, growl, hiss, roar and even spit. Educational panels let all guests learn about the 20 different species on display, and young paleontologists can conduct their own mini-excavation in a fossil sandbox.

What kind of dinosaurs will you see at the zoo?

If you’re a fan of “Jurassic Park” or just dinosaurs in general, this is an exhibit you’ll love to see. Along the way, you’ll spot many of the dinosaurs you’ve heard of and seen in the movies, and you might even spot some you don’t know about. According to the Nashville Zoo, species include:

Allosaurus, Amargasaurus, Carnotaurus, Citipati, Coelophysis, Compsognathus, Deinonychus, Diablocertops, Dilophosaurus, Edmontonia, Megalosaurus, Pachyrinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Quetzalcoatlus, Suchomimus, Utahraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo

DinoTrek Dates and Admission

DinoTrek returns to the Nashville Zoo on March 11 and will continue through the end of July. Admission to DinoTrek is $4 per person. Children under 2 years old are free. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Zoo Entrance Village and at the exhibit entrance.

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