Dr. McGlasson shares part of his pet insurance talk given at the Fetch dvm360® 2022 conference in Kansas City, Missouri

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Matt McGlasson, DVM, CVPM, shares his approach to communicating with customers about pet insurance. His advice was part of a larger presentation he gave at the Fetch dvm360® 2022 conference in Kansas City, Missouri. McGlasson shares how pet insurance affects access to care and what messaging resonates with customers in her experience.

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Matt McGlasson, DVM, CVPM: I think the important thing with pet insurance, when you have that conversation with clients, is to keep your recommendations very simple. So we don’t have much time to have a very long conversation with customers. We are really limited in the time we have. So pick 2 insurance companies you really trust and get their brochures ready in the exam room. And the best time to talk about it with clients is during the puppy’s first visit. So we like to talk with customers [asking]”Do you have any idea what it would be like if your dog had to have exploratory surgery at the emergency clinic on a weekend? It could be 5…6…7 [hundred]…$1,000? Are you ready for this?” Pet insurance is therefore only a tool for customers to get the care they want for their pet.