Mavericks drop game 5. Phew. The Suns came out in the third and didn’t look back, walking away with the kind of ruthless efficiency that defined the losing portions of the first two games. Here is the arizona republic: “The Suns put their Dallas disasters behind them on Tuesday by finding their touchstones: tenacious defense and effective offense. They were nearly flawless in the third quarter, outscoring the Mavericks by 19 points en route to a 110-80 win and a 3-2 lead. Mike Piellucci and Iztok Franko will have their own takes later today – hope Mike gets some sleep.

The Dallas Redistricting Committee settles on the map. And little seem happy about it. Some members of the redistricting commission argued that it would not do enough to bolster black and Latino representation around the horseshoe. Others believe this map held the neighborhoods together after members of the public spoke out. District 1 seems particularly contentious; LULAC national president Domingo Garcia lamented that Kessler Park and Winnetka Heights likely elected a white representative despite having predominantly Latino neighborhoods further south and west. City council gets the cards for 45 days to tinker; they will probably be notified on June 1.

Wildlife encroachment. A alligator was seen swimming around Lake Worth. A baby white-mouthed snake was found in a Southlake woman’s closet. Head, swivel.


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