Dallas officer killed in wrong-way car crash. Dallas Police Officer Jacob Arellano, 25, died at a local hospital on Wednesday after collide with a contraflow driver late Tuesday evening. The crash happened around midnight on Spur 408 and West Kiest Boulevard, officials said, and Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said the driver may have been intoxicated.

TABC catches suspected liquor thieves. Four men have been arrested by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission after apparently flight nearly $300,000 worth of liquor from Dallas County liquor distributor Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits. An investigation revealed that the store manager and two other employees had illegally purchased the stolen crates from a delivery driver. Officers recovered 230 cases of vodka, 119 cases of cognac and 29 cases of tequila.

A death row inmate who murdered an SMU student dies of a heart attack. Donald Bess, convicted of murdering 20-year-old Angela Somota in 2010, deceased in jail from a heart attack, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office said. Bess stabbed and raped Samota, who attended SMU, after allowing him into her apartment to use the restroom in 1984. He has been on death row since his conviction, but no execution date has been set. fixed.

The Plano company is being sued for homes damaged in the Balch Springs fire. Sikka Investments, a Plano-based investment company, is for follow-up by State Farm Lloyds after starting a massive fire in Balch Springs this summer. The homes of three State Farm Lloyds customers were destroyed in the blaze, which authorities say was started when mowers hired by Sikka struck metal in a field of grass owned by the company.

Grab a sweater this morning. I don’t want to get everyone too excited, but after starting at around 57 this morning, the high will probably hit around 83 today, and that’s it. More degrees. Not 90s. Just sunny, slightly windy 80s and 100% chance I’m writing on the back deck today.


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