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Davis Broadcasting, Courier Eco Latino Newspaper Hosts Forum for Ga State Representative Candidates.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) — As Election Day approaches in Columbus, voters have the opportunity to hear from the city and state candidate.

Tonight they heard more candidates running for Georgia State Representative, District 140.

Veterans aid, financial literacy and crime were some of the burning issues at Wednesday night’s policy forum.

Candidates Teddy Reese and Zeph Baker are running for former State Representative Calvin Smyre’s seat in the General Assembly.

Zeph Baker says if he wants to win that seat, one of his goals is to create more opportunities in District 140.

“One thing we need to do is make sure that we have opportunities not only for our adult families and for businesses, but we need to have opportunities for our young people that we bring in. I will go to the State Capitol to bring the money back and find the resources there,” Baker explained.

Reese says he chose to run for the position because of his passion for the community. One of its objectives, if successful, is economic development.

“One would be economic development, especially for South Columbus South Lumpkin Victory Drive. I think we can also draw more from our tourism. We have strong tourism, but we can definitely do more, and that will create more jobs and opportunities for people locally,” Reese said.

Voters at this event said it was nice to ask the candidates questions in person.

“We need to make sure we’re asking the compelling questions and the tough questions that can best serve our community.”

Davis Broadcasting and The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper organized this forum to ensure community members were informed when Greek and civic organizations posed the questions.

“People want knowledge. They want to be part of the process, and that’s what it will take for our community to improve,” said Genice Granville of Davis Broadcasting.

“It’s about educating people, and as you can see they’ve said they want to know what these candidates are,” Wane Haile of Davis Broadcasting added.

The vote will take place on May 24.

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