Anyone who’s spent time browsing real estate listings on Redfin and Zillow lately can tell you that it’s tough there. Dallas homes sell out in days. You get a spark instead of a bang for your buck. You flush your dream home wish list down the toilet.

However, you don’t have to. Of course, the sourcing costs are just as insane – have you tried buying lumber from Lowe’s lately? – but, if you’re ready to brave it, you might as well build your ideal home, with the help of Home’s Best builders 2022. Scroll through our phone book of builders or see the list below.

The best builders 2022

Alair Houses

Alford Houses

Attack Homes

Austin Neuhoff Houses

Avida Custom Homes

Axiom Builders

Bailey Family Builders, Inc.

Barcus Construction Management, LLC

Barnett West Custom Homes

Barringer Custom Homes

Barrow Builders Group

Modern Bauhaus houses

Bean Co Homes

Beechwood Custom Homes

Bella Custom Homes

Biggerstaff Construction, Inc.

Bob Bobbitt’s Custom Homes

Bob Thompson Houses

Link + Farm

Braswell houses


Calais Custom Homes

Caprock Custom Construction, Inc.

Chapman Custom Homes

Charles A. Barnett III, Inc.


Classic townhouses

Cleve Adamson Custom Homes

Coats Houses

Constructionologists, Inc.

Barnett Craft Houses

Crescent Estates Custom Homes

Crescent Signature Homes

Cresswell Custom Builders

Crow Bar Constructors, Inc.

Texas Custom Homes

Danish Custom Homes

Dave R. Williams Houses

David Leite Custom Homes

David Lewis Builder, Inc.

Davis Signature Homes, LLC

Beautiful Homes Design

Double Door Custom Homes, Inc.

Douglas Signature Homes LLC

Durrett Construction LLC

Edinburgh Custom Homes

Ellen Grasso & Sons LLC

Ellerman Houses

Endurance houses

Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes

Ferrier Custom Homes

Gardner Custom Homes

Garvey Houses

George Davis & Associates, Inc.

George Lewis Custom Homes

Goff Custom Homes

Greenwell Homes

Robust construction

Hartman Construction, Inc.

Hawkins-Welwood Houses

Hayes Signature Homes

Haynsworth Custom Homes

Heritage blue houses

Herman Darden LLC

Hoffmann Houses

Holmes Builders

Houses by Bowen

Hudson Construction Group

Isler Homes

JD Smith Custom Homes

Jackson Custom Homes

Jarrett Building

Jered Custom Homes

Jim Johnson Group

Jim Scott and Sons

JLD Custom Homes

Joe Kain Houses

Joseph-Paul Houses

Residential key

Kienast houses

Construction built by Knox

LeComte Houses

Custom homes Lingenfelter

LRO residential development

Malone Custom Builders

Marable houses

Mark Clifton Houses

Mark Siepiela Custom Homes

Martin-Raymond Houses

Matie Custom Homes

Home Design and Construction Matt and Paul

McCowen-Sainton Houses

Houses built by McKinley

Megaco Construction

Michael S. Wilson Custom Homes

Milan Custom Build

Millennium Design + Build

Mills Custom Homes

Mishler Builders

Montgomery Custom Homes

More design + construction

Mullinix Custom Homes

New Leaf Custom Homes

Nixon Custom Homes

Ogden Custom Homes

Patten Custom Homes

Pencil tip construction

Phillip Jennings Custom Homes

Platinum Houses by Mark Molthan

Potenza houses

Prospect the houses

Provenance builders

AR Millennium Properties

Randy Clowdus Construction


Richard Dietrichson Beautiful Homes

Richard Miller Custom Homes

Richland Buildings

Rick Shipley Custom Homes

D+B Ripple

RJA Construction, LLC

Robert Clark and associates

Robert Elliot Custom Homes

Robert Hopson Construction Group

Ron Davis Custom Homes

Ron McHam Houses

Rosewood Custom Builders

S&R development

CHS houses

Sebastien construction group

Seymore Custom Homes

Shaddock Caldwell Builders and Developers

Shaddock Homes

Sharif and Munir custom houses

Sleepy hollow houses

Snelling Houses

Southgate Houses

Sovereign Custom Homes

Stark Houses

Starr Construction

Sterling Brook Custom Homes

Susan Newell Houses

Texas Sustainable Structures

tanners houses

Tatum Brown Custom Homes

Tekton builds

The Hill Group

The Newport Group

Thomas Development + Construction

Thomas Signature Homes

Tim Jackson Custom Homes

Todd Bonneau Homes, LLC

Todd James Houses

Tommy Ford Construction

UC Properties by Jennifer Duncan

Ventura Custom Homes

Victor Myers Custom Homes

Waterford classic houses

Waterfront properties

well houses

Wes McKenzie Custom Homes

Westchester Custom Homes

Zachary Custom Homes