A former Nashville couple bought a historic Las Vegas building for art and music studios, retail space, and living quarters.

Mark Webb and his wife, Julie Sola, recently purchased a historic Las Vegas building for art and music studios, retail space and housing.

Julie Sola, 57, and her husband, Mark Webb, 64, purchased the building across from Leo’s Glass at 12th Street and National Avenue from Southwest Bank. Sola is an engraver who has visited and managed the wardrobes of superstars like Rod Stewart, KISS, Madonna and Lady Gaga before. Webb is a musician who has performed with well-known American singer-songwriters David Olney and Richard Dobson, and Idaho icon Pinto Bennett.

Sola’s mother is originally from Artesia and now lives in Santa Fe, where Sola and Webb moved four months ago. They searched for a building in Santa Fe for their business, but couldn’t find anything affordable or available.

“Las Vegas was a place we would drive, spend the night at the Plaza (hotel) and walk around,” she said of their previous trips to New Mexico. “We never thought about it. move here. “

They first looked at the Calumet building on Sixth Street, then found the building they had purchased. Built by US Deputy Marshal NT Cordova and JG Montano, the building later served as a store and warehouse for a woolen company, according to a plaque on the front exterior wall.

“We walked in and fell in love,” Sola said. “We made an offer and it was accepted.

Las Vegas entrepreneur Jordan Grimm, owner of Grimm LLC who renovated the historic La Castaneda hotel, is renovating the building. They hope to have an open house after Thanksgiving.

Sola owns and operates Fat Crow Press, which specializes in design and illustration. Much of his work is influenced by his years working for Hatch Show Print, a 140-year-old typography studio located at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

It all starts as a drawing, which is transferred to linoleum and then sculpted and printed. Prints are used for items such as household items including lamp shades, pillows, and tables.

Sola will have a working studio, offer adult lessons and free lessons for children ages 5 to 15, and showcase the work of other artists, including woodworking, pottery, jewelry and printmaking.

Webb will have a music studio in the basement of the


If you would like to exhibit artwork in the studio, Sola can be contacted at [email protected]