October 14, 2022

County commissioners open HL-73 bridge in Howell

Monmouth County and Howell Township. officials gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony for the HL-73 Bridge and the Lake Louise Dam located on Lanes Pond Road. this morning.

The Monmouth County Board of Commissioners held a dedication ceremony today to mark the opening of the HL-73 Bridge and Lake Louise Dam located on Lanes Pond Rd.

“The county determined that it was necessary to replace the HL-73 bridge due to its outdated timber structure and worked with Howell Twp. to simultaneously upgrade the Lake Louise Dam to current standards,” said Commissioner-Director Thomas A. Arnone. “This project was a clear example of a partnership between the County and Township of Howell, with the County covering 100% of the bridge repairs, Howell covering 100% of the access road and the County and Township sharing the cost equally. repairing the dam.

A construction contract for the joint Monmouth County and Howell Township project was awarded in September 2021 to Marbro, Inc., of Montclair, New Jersey for $4,047,117.

In total, the county maintains approximately 1,000 miles of highway lanes, 980 bridges and culverts, and 250 traffic lights and beacons.