For the editor:

Over the past two decades, many small town newspapers have disappeared. Others are barely hanging on with a single reporter doing almost everything to keep the newspaper running. Some major city newspapers also struggled. Internet news is a problem as some people have dropped their subscriptions and are getting their tech news instead. Maintaining publicity for financial support is another issue. A recent 60 Minutes television report confirmed all of this.

We should feel lucky to have an active newspaper in New Ulm with a great group of reporters, a diligent editor and publisher, and a great team. It is important to know what our mayor said and what decisions were made by the city council and the county commissioners. Our community needs to know who won last night’s games, who died, what entertainment is available in town, what people think via letters to the editor, what’s in the ads and even more.

Personally, I am very happy that The Journal continues to exist. I hope it stays afloat and continues long into the future. I hope that local people will continue to support the newspaper by maintaining their subscriptions and that people who have left our newspaper will come back. Publicity from local businesses will help the newspaper solve its financial worries. New Ulm needs our local newspaper to help maintain our identity and we need to support the newspaper.


New Ulm

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