Marketing and sales software maker ClickDimensions has launched ClickDimensions Sales Engagement, a new solution designed to provide a unified approach for sales and marketing teams to increase customer loyalty and revenue.

ClickDimensions Sales Engagement is designed for the B2B SMB market with a focus on “[eradicating] the potential for customer abandonment and miscommunication between each team as leads progress through the funnel,” the company states.

According to the company, ClickDimensions Sales Engagement complements the company’s flagship marketing automation solution and is built on Microsoft technologies. While marketing automation helps marketers optimize campaigns, automate follow-ups, create lead nurturing processes, and target leads to sales, ClickDimensions sales engagement will help sellers with the best next action, by automating prospect outreach and redirecting prospects to marketing for further development if they are not ready to buy, according to the company.

“The modern buyer’s journey has completely transformed from what it was just three years ago, which means companies need to adapt the way they sell – and fast,” said Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimensions. “Launching ClickDimensions Sales Engagement is our way to address these industry challenges, equip our customers with essential tools to increase revenue, and unify sales and marketing teams around a digital customer experience. .”