• Christie Brinkley shared a throwback Aptitude 1992 magazine cover on Instagram.
  • In the photo, she poses in a snakeskin leotard and encourages fans to get moving.
  • “The message is still the same for today!” she wrote.

What were you doing in May 1992? Christie Brinkley was on the cover of Aptitude magazine rocking a snakeskin print leotard and reminding the masses to train. 30 years later, not much has changed. Over the weekend, the 68-year-old shared the cover again on instagramencouraging fans to get moving.

“Let’s go back to May 1992, but the message is still the same for today! she captioned the post. “For a fit mind, body or spirit, make exercise a happy part of your life. Bike, hike, dance, hop on your @totalgymdirect, whatever you choose, go the fun to make you want to do it five times a week!

She concluded, “Mix it up, get your heart pumping to a happy beat! 💜”

Fans loved the memento. “I remember buying this…you helped me be healthy for years!” one person commented. “Magnificent then and now!” 👏🙌,” added another. “Gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration today! someone else wrote.

Brinkley touted the Total gym for decades and still sweats faithfully on the versatile machine, when it can’t do it in the great outdoors, that is. She has already said instagram that she prefers to stay mobile in a “natural setting”, whether swimming, biking or otherwise. “I always try to make exercise fun because if it’s not fun you probably won’t stick with it,” she wrote.

But on a rainy day, the Total Gym still comes in handy. It was also his home workout during the COVID-19 shutdowns. “If I’m not getting the exercise I need, I really feel it! My body rusts instantly! she wrote under a video of her Total Gym routine in April 2020. a must-have exercise.

She continued, “Quarantine is to keep us safe so I will try to use my time to hopefully come out of quarantine a little stronger. One thing I’m sure of, I’m definitely full of gratitude for every blessed day with health 🙌🏼.”

Even despite having a hip replacement in 2020, Brinkley continues to persevere with a positive attitude. And that’s why, even 30 years after taking the fitness modeling world by storm, she’s still an inspiration today.

Some might even say it is just beginning. We can’t wait to see what the 68-year-old posts next!