Linda Burchette | Smyth County News and Messenger

Posters, brochures and other materials promoting the Hungry Mother Arts & Crafts Festival will feature a new logo designed by a Chilhowie high school student.

Dawson Guthrie has won a competition sponsored by the Marion Art League’s Festivals Committee. The colorful design will now be a symbol of the annual festival.

Guthrie said she was inspired by both the park and the festival when creating her design.

“I needed a graphic element, which looks like a real logo, but I wanted it to be actually a portrait or a landscape of the park, so I chose an actual image of the park with the mountains and lakescape,” Guthrie said. “I wanted it to have an element of the arts and crafts festival as well, so I made it a paint brush and with the rays of the sun coming out. It’s my paint splatters. I really wanted integrating the elements of nature and the landscape of the park, the nature of the festival being an artistic and artisanal thing.

The art league is pleased with the winning logo.

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“We are very happy with it,” said Angela Bise, co-chair of the festival committee. “It incorporates water, mountains and art. Everything was together. We think the colors will look great on our posters and brochures and really promote the festival.

Guthrie said she was honored to have won the competition and thanked her art teacher, Joseph Blevins, for putting up with her pestering him for advice.

“I’m very excited. I worked very hard on this,” she said. “I kind of put my soul into it. I am very happy. I’m very proud.”

“Dawson is a stellar student, a standout,” Blevins said. “My elders in art occupy a special place. He is someone who is truly above and beyond, works hard and really cares about his business. It’s well deserved. »

Guthrie said she has always enjoyed being creative and might pursue a career in the arts, perhaps in visual media design or photographic design.

“I’ve really tried to progress in my art since I was in high school,” she said, “but I’ve always had a soft spot for creativity and art since I was a kid.”