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Discover the wide variety of magazines

The magazines are there. E-magazines, that is. And thousands of them. E-magazines are now available through Overdrive and the Overdrive Libby app, which are free digital platforms available to customers when they log in with their Cheboygan area public library card. Discover any title on the long list. For easy access, you have a choice […]

The joys of parenthood in quarantine

We were surprised that the call didn’t come sooner. But we knew it would finally be our turn. Last week my wife and I received notice from our youngest son’s school that one of his classmates had tested positive for COVID-19. The school had already sent emails about positive cases in other classes; we clicked […]

What is the Boötes vacuum?

In 1981, Robert Kirshner was working with other astronomers at the University of Michigan to calculate the redshifts – a measure of how fast something is moving away from Earth – of a large number of galaxies. Because of the way our Universe expands, the farther away a galaxy is, the faster it moves, meaning […]

Unionized! The editorial team of the ma...

January 5, 2022 | By Sam Anderson Support us! GearJunkie can earn a small commission on affiliate links in this article. Learn more. Home »News» Union members! The editorial team of the magazine Outside unites in the media giant Eleven months after Pocket Outdoor Media swallowed up Outside Integrated Media and appropriated its name, the […]

Top 10 Best News & Magazine Apps India 2

Top 10 Best News & Magazine Apps India 2022 The world is still spinning at a rapid pace and the dynamics keep changing from time to time. Thus, televisions, newspapers and radios have sprung up to keep humans abreast of daily events in the world. But, as technology improved over time, the News & Magazines […]

Editor’s Favorite Articles on HONOLULU M

WTechnically, we rang the New Years Eve early on Saturday morning. But for many of us, Monday is the start of 2022 that is collapsing, in the form of a return to work, school and everyday life. For me, 2021 was hazy in many ways, so it was a treat to spend a few minutes […]

Transform Magazine: Loyalkaspar Designs ...

New York-based brand design agency loyalkaspar has been tasked with designing the new identity for Magnolia Network, owned by U.S. media company Discovery Inc. Magnolia Network will debut on linear television on January 5, 2022, replacing the DIY Network. . Magnolia, which has always been a magazine and lifestyle brand, has had to transform into […]

How Bitcoin Will Save Millennials

All generations have a rich nostalgia for the decade of their childhood. Our coming of age is our purest moment. And for millennials, it’s probably the ’90s that it’s best summed up. The 90s are milk and honey for us. We remain so fond of the music, the TV and movie treasures, our early AOL […]

Income on the rise despite high unemploy...

Unlike 2009, when soaring unemployment caused personal income to plummet in New Jersey, increased government assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic increased personal income statewide. By Kyle Sullender, Executive Director, Focus NJ January 3, 2022 New Jersey has the third highest unemployment rate in the country, according to the October data release from the Bureau of […]

Featured Photographer: David Scheinbaum ...

A few weeks after moving to Santa Fe, David managed to muster the courage to cold call Beaumont, and guess what – he came and invited David to meet him that same day. This meeting was only the beginning of a long-term relationship. As a result, David ended up becoming Beaumont’s assistant and friend. After […]