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Alyson Provax at Well Well Projects

Untitled (I wanna know you know). Typography on Gampi (2022), 5” x 7” Photo by Mario Gallucci There’s a piece in Alyson Provax’s new exhibition of textual works, “There’s So Much I Want to Tell You,” that you can only read if the right gust of wind strikes. Towards the back of Well Well Projects, […]

Your Guide to Mad Monster Party Arizona ...

Everyone loves a good scare once in a while. Hence the long-running popularity of the horror genre, including films like the recently released hit The black phone or TV shows like stranger things. Events like the annual Mad Monster Party Arizona, a weekend-long local horror fandom convention, also tap into that love for the genre. […]

Festival to celebrate Plymouth’s inspiri

A new arts festival, Print in Action, has launched in Plymouth. The festival at Ocean Studios with the aim of bringing printmakers together and celebrating print in all its inspiring forms. Since the founding of the Plymouth School of Art in 1856, the city has been a destination for artists and designers. But this is […]

Scranton businesses show support for Ukr...

An effort in Electric City to support the Ukrainian people has taken off. Storefronts and buildings across the city are decked out in blue and yellow. SCRANTON, Pa. — The Diocese of Scranton is just one of many places that now fly the Ukrainian flag. A special mass was held at St. Peter’s Cathedral on […]