Truck Friendly founder Ken Wilson is considering suspending his road safety program due to a lack of funding.

One of the strongest advocates for a more harmonious relationship between RVers and truckers is reconsidering his future as a road safety campaigner.

Ken Wilson, director of the popular Suitable for trucks trailer moment, announced today that he and his wife Jenny are reluctantly considering folding the program which has quickly amassed more than 18,000 Facebook followers.

“Without any ongoing funding, we find it very difficult to meaningfully continue,” Wilson said.

“This commitment has weighed on health, the family budget and family life in recent years.

“We’ve had some wonderful sponsors who have helped fund our decals and brochures, but it appears there is no additional funding from local, state or federal government.

“Even the biggest road safety organizations are out of the question, although we have persisted with various requests for funding where we get no response even to say ‘thank you but no thank you! “.”

Wilson said Truck Friendly continues to receive many requests from caravan parks, caravan clubs, police and councils from all parts of Australia for him to provide information at workshops, club gatherings and exhibitions.

“Unfortunately, without funding, we cannot accommodate these requests.”

Wilson’s frustration with the lack of support is only heightened when he compares the popularity of Truck Friendly to that of the federally-backed RV Safe program.

RV Safe launched in December 2019 – just four months after Truck Friendly – with $1.1 million in taxpayer dollars spread over four years.

At the time of writing, RV Safe only has 541 followers on Facebook. Big Rigs hasn’t heard of the project once during this time, but Wilson regularly sends them news and announcements regarding the trucks.

Wilson said he was disappointed that the future of the volunteer organization is now up in the air. His home state of Queensland has the highest caravan densities in Australia and is currently on course for one of the highest road tolls in decades.

Truck Friendly grew out of the award winning ‘Stay on Track Outback’ (SOTO) caravan safety program run by Queensland Police in Charleville Qld in 2017/18.

In the first two years, SOTO helped reduce trailer accidents in the Charleville Police District by 50%, proving that education works, Wilson said.

However, due to SOTO’s continued funding delays, changes in police leadership, and eventual disappearance, Wilson decided to take on Truck Friendly as a standalone program.

Today, Truck Friendly helps educate about safe trailer towing practices and work cooperatively with other road users, including heavy haulage. The program also offers a unique “I’M TRUCK FRIENDLY” caravan sticker program to promote cooperation among all road users.

“We would love nothing more than to do this full time and help create an even safer environment for everyone on the road – especially caravanners, motorhomes and truckers,” added Wilson.

“We will take the next few weeks to consider our options before making a final decision.”