A year spent confined to our homes has given us plenty of time to reflect. We considered the true importance of socializing – no man is an island and all that – but one thought overtook everything else: why are my walls so empty? Your home’s aesthetic is important, with the power to inform your mood and inspire you. So why haven’t you filled your walls with art yet? Luckily, StockX brings you a new category of art. This is a one stop shop for rare and exclusive fine art prints to give your walls a boost. To celebrate the new category, we’ve got our eyes on some late Shepard Fairey prints that just landed.

Who is Shepard Fairey?

Born in 1970, Fairey is an American artist who found his roots in the world of skateboarding. If his work looks familiar to you, it’s probably because of that Obey t-shirt you own. Fairey really made a name for himself after founding Obey in 2001, the brand that became a phenomenon in its own right in the early 2010s.

Much of Obey’s wild success is a testament to Fairey’s artwork that was usually a centerpiece of streetwear staples. The pop art-leaning illustrations are instantly recognizable, and one of Fairey’s most popular works comes in the form of AR-15 Lily and AK-47 Lotus. The images are inspired by Vietnam War protesters, who would put flowers in the barrel of a gun as a form of protest during the war. It’s not the first time Fairey has made this impression, but the previous iteration includes more colors in the background. This print features the same gun and flower motif, but with a more subdued color palette.

As the StockX fine art print category launches, Shepard Fairey’s AR-15 Lily and AK-47 Lotus are now available on the resale platform. Each print is a signed print of 450 in total. If you’re looking for a quick way to bring personality to an empty wall, these iconic designs are for you.

Artist: Shepard Fairey
Title: AR-15 Lily and AK-47 Lotus
Dimensions: 10 x 13 inches
Retail: $70

Buy Shepard Fairey fine art prints on StockX below.

Lotus AK-47 letterpress print
AK-47 Lotus Letterpress & AR-15 Lily Letterpress Print

AK-47 Lotus Letterpress & AR-15 Lily Letterpress Print

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