Distributor of bathrooms, appliances, sinks and faucets PJH has enriched its online sales channel, the Partner Portal, by adding a host of new features, focused on supporting its network of retailers and independent merchants.

According to PJH, its e-commerce site has seen significant growth over the past two years, now accounting for around 70% of the company’s sales. Feedback from PJH’s Voice of the Customer program helped guide the development of new features and functions to extend the online customer experience.

The “My Dealer Support” area of ​​the Partner Portal has been extensively redesigned to now offer users the ability to access and use a suite of PJH marketing resources. It is now a “self-service” tool that PJH customers can use for a number of business purposes.

For example, customers can now easily order marketing support materials such as brochures, point-of-sale and furniture samples, which PJH provides for both its own-brand ranges and other major brands.

The support area also provides the ability to view portal feature videos and “How To” guides, as well as access and download all product data, pricing files and product images. high resolution.

A new “Live Chat” feature has also been launched to help respond to online inquiries and resolve them faster.

Other developments include a new feature allowing account holders to make invoice-specific online payments, as well as functionality to add specific delivery instructions to individual orders.

Speaking of the upgraded portal, Sally Hough, PJH’s Multi-Channel Marketing Manager, said, “The new features further enhance the appeal and usability of the PJH Partners™ portal, which continues to grow as a revenue channel for month to month.

“The portal is constantly evolving – in direct response to feedback – and we will continue to move forward with ever more innovative features and functions to provide our customers with quality service and support.”