The proposed 2023 general fund budget for the City of Brookhaven is approximately $33.1 million, down 25.8% from the revised 2022 general fund budget, according to city filings.

Brookhaven City Manager Christian Sigman submitted the proposed budget to Brookhaven City Council for consideration at a meeting Oct. 25.

According to a press release, the city will hold a public hearing on Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. and a second on Nov. 29 at 7 p.m. Both will take place before a council meeting at Brookhaven Town Hall at 4362 Peachtree Road.

The budget will be voted on at the board meeting on November 29.

According to city documents, the proposed budget for 2023 focuses on “technical budgeting to account for rising costs due to the economy and preparation for new facilities and programs to come online in 2023.” The budget also takes into account the city’s investment in capital projects supported by the Sales of Local Special Purpose Option (SPLOST) tax, the city’s 2018 park obligation and the new service district. specials.

The proposed budget also seeks to continue the city’s “Sustainable Brookhaven” initiative and includes $1.2 million to replace 19 police and other service vehicles with electric or hybrid vehicles. According to the budget introduction, 2023 commitments for Sustainable Brookhaven include water quality projects, tree canopy assessments in each of the city’s parks, and recycling events.

The budget also includes funding for merit-based pay changes for the city’s workforce, one year of funding for a mental health co-responsor program at the city’s police department, funding for operating costs of new facilities like the Public Safety Building and $200,000 in funding to establish an international festival on the Buford Expressway.

According to a press release, the budget of approximately $33.1 million is balanced with a one-time vote of $1.1 million from the fund balance.

The entire proposed budget can be viewed on the City’s website.