woman on fire
By Lisa Barr

After finishing his studies in journalism, Jules Roth intrigues in the offices of the newspaper of Dan Mansfield, renowned investigative journalist. Dan is impressed with Jules’ common sense and gives him a chance to help him with a private matter he’s researching for his close friend, designer Ellis Baum. They went in search of a painting stolen by the Nazis almost 80 years ago, when Ellis was just a boy. The painting depicts his mother, who perished by their filthy hands. Ernst Engel’s “Woman on Fire” is the only photo of her that exists, and Ellis must have it before he leaves this world. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones desperate to get that painting. Margaux de Laurent is a beautiful and wealthy gallery owner whose grandfather hid and saved works of art during the war. From his powerful position, it’s a race to find this painting recently stolen from a Nazi heir who had been in hiding for many years. This fast-paced thriller takes readers from Chicago to the hills of France and Germany. Sparing no effort, this small group slowly uncovers the mysterious and dangerous trail that leads them to the truth. Filled with suspense and romance, “Woman on Fire” will keep readers guessing until the very end.

The masterpiece
By Fiona Davis

There’s no place like Grand Central Station. Its majestic beauty shines through the crowds as people journey through the greatest city in the world. Clara Darden is a young artist struggling to make her way in 1928 as a teacher at the Grand Central School of Art. She is a talented illustrator who fights for her rightful place in the world of men. After finally achieving success, Clara is busy juggling work, a handsome boyfriend, and helping her fellow artists despite impending depression. When tragedy strikes, it vanishes and is never seen again. Fifty years later, Virginia is mocked by her chauvinistic husband, who left her with little money and many regrets. A housewife for most of her adult life, Virginia struggles to find a job and accepts a position at the information booth at Grand Central Station. Even though the terminal is no longer glamorous, Virginia is fascinated by its history. As she begins to envision a better future, Virginia stumbles across a painting hidden in a long-abandoned section of the terminal. The unsigned painting closely resembles the one currently up for auction. With Virginia’s growing confidence and her new friends at the station, she is determined to solve this thrilling mystery.

By Erica Katz

Emma Caan is a copyist, not a forger – there is a difference. She professionally copies masterpieces for clients and signs the back. She’s not fooling anyone but herself, as she unfortunately hasn’t created her own original work in years. Since graduating from Yale, Emma’s confidence has gone. To support herself, she works for a company that copies works of art for the world’s most renowned museums and collectors. A regular customer, Russian billionaire oligarch Leonard Sobetsky, would like to meet his copyist. Emma is tasked with calling him Lenny and is quickly manipulated by an offer she can’t refuse: a chance to quit her tedious job and difficult boss to work for New York’s most prestigious gallery. Next door, she will copy canvases just for Lenny and live rent-free in her beautiful climate-controlled studio. As Emma is drawn into Lenny’s extravagant lifestyle of private jets, Hong Kong art shows, drug dealers and glamorous dinner parties, she begins to question the very hand that holds her. feeds. With her nightmares keeping her awake, Emma spends countless evenings trying to figure out what her peculiar new boss is up to. Her carefully crafted career begins to unravel as the truth lurks behind the pretty pictures.