This is a transcribed excerpt from the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast”, hosted by P and Q. In this episode, they are joined by Erik Dale to talk about how bitcoin can be used as a defensive weapon and the positive effect of incentives of bitcoin on the alignment of mores across humanity.

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Q: I need you to defend your claim that Bitcoin is a weapon.

Erik Dale: You’re trying to drag me into these “Jason Lowery” conversations.

P: Choose your words carefully, sir.

Dale: But that’s the best way to get popular in Bitcoin, isn’t it? If you want to go on a lot of podcasts, just say something like this. So you know, Jason is a security expert… Maybe I’m kind of a philosophical linguist and how language shapes the way we see things and how we understand and conceptualize things and so on.

I am definitely one of those people who use language in very broad senses. And so when I conceptualize Bitcoin as a weapon, weapons have two functions: to attack or to defend. Traditionally today maybe the blurring of the lines is stronger than they were [been] and aggressive weapons attack have had a huge advantage over the past 500 years with scaling. They were able to evolve far more than any other type of weapon. Shields not so much, but guns, yeah. Bigger and bigger, louder and louder, until we can obliterate this goddamn planet.

And so you had a really big imbalance between that defensive, aggressive weapon and what Bitcoin of course stands for, the thing that it stands for is what people might want to take from you. The very motivation for the war. The very motivation of the conflict itself. So not only is bitcoin defensive in the sense that it reduces the incentive to cause aggression or conflict because the potential profitability is much lower, but it’s much harder to take bitcoin, even if you take the country. But it’s also a tool where if someone takes your country, it’s indeed something you can bring with you anywhere else or send to someone else or whatever. And so, defend and protect that vital energy, that life force, no matter how strong your attacker is. Of course, it’s not a perfect theory, and again, it’s not an angle I’m particularly interested in. This weapon feels like I use it so much with a lot less thought than some people.