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Fair elections

Trump’s telling non-response to Jan. 6 subpoena(sacbee.com, October 19)

January 6, 2021 was a stain on our 200-year history of peaceful transitions from one administration to another. The Voter Count Reform Act of 2022, which clarifies the role of the vice president, makes it harder to object to a state’s voters and establishes governors as the officials who certify voters, will ensure that many of the problems that have arisen after the 2020 election will not be a problem in 2024.

I was surprised that all but nine Republicans in the House voted against the law, with Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock of California among those who opposed it. The smooth running of elections should not be a partisan issue. The Senate version of this law was sponsored by nine Republicans and eight Democrats. I hope that the committee working on the final version of the law will soon have an outcome ready for the final approval and signature of the President.

Patricia Johnson

Elk Grove

Ethical treatment

SCOTUS to Hear Arguments on California’s 2018 Animal Cruelty Law(sacbee.com, October 11)

I really hope the Supreme Court upholds the will of California voters. The pig industry’s practice of keeping mother pigs locked in cages so small they can barely move is ridiculously cruel.

These animals, often compared to dogs for their intelligence and sociability, should never be treated like this. I encourage every Californian to think about this abuse before purchasing a package of bacon or ham.

Nancy Olivier


Yes on the prop. 1

California to vote on constitutional right to abortion(sacbee.com, October 15)

As healthcare professionals, we believe that patient authority and individual responsibility are fundamental to making unique personal healthcare decisions. In the absence of partisan politics, reproductive rights – self-determination, privacy, bodily autonomy and the freedom to assess one’s own needs – are civil rights.

With disproportionate access to reproductive care in California, the Dobbs decision also increases inequities for communities that are systemically underperforming by health systems. Patients of color and poor, rural and vulnerable populations face even greater barriers to accessing quality maternal health care.

Representative democracy promises the power of our vote to protect our rights and freedoms. We believe that everyone deserves access to safe, legal, and high-quality reproductive care and the privacy, respect, and autonomy to make their own health care choices.

Michelle Famula and Komal Hak


Bodily autonomy

3rd District House Candidates: Kevin Kiley and Kermit Jones(sacbee.com, October 9)

Women’s reproductive rights are not just about women’s health. It is a public health issue.

Congressional candidate Dr. Kermit Jones supports legislation that provides access to family planning and health care for women, and promises to stand up to elected officials who jeopardize the bodily autonomy of all women.

His opponent’s voting record puts women and their doctors at risk. Kevin Kiley voted against women’s reproductive rights. He voted against protecting a doctor’s license if he performs an abortion. These are the same doctors who provide infertility testing, prenatal care, cancer screening and menopause treatment.

Vote for our health and well-being. Vote for Jones.

Kathy Ogbrun

grass valley

don’t be fooled

Sacramento County, Calif., Must Reject Harmful Transit Tax(sacbee.com, October 10)

The Sacramento Bee editorial board got it right when it urged voting against Measure A.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy brochures that end up in your mailbox. Measure A will make our air quality worse. This is a recipe for climate disaster as it will put more cars on the road and destroy the virgin fields and working lands that sequester carbon.

The special interests that sponsored Measure A will try to persuade us otherwise, but it is a Trojan horse. Measure A fails to take into account the real needs of our community for the revitalization of existing neighborhoods and meaningful public transit that serves those who need it most.

Elizabeth Barrett


Protect the climate

How special interests put Measure A on the Sacramento ballot(sacbee.com, October 16)

Besides the machinations that put it on the ballot, Measure A would have damaging short- and long-term consequences. With inflation high and gas prices soaring above $6 a gallon, now is definitely not the time to impose a regressive sales tax on struggling residents and working families. And with climate change hitting California harder and harder every year, the last thing we need at this pivotal time is more sprawl, freeways, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sacramento is already one of the 10 dirtiest air basins in the country. Measure A will make our air quality worse, not better. I hope enough voters see Measure A for what it is: an $8.5 billion giveaway to developers and special interests that solves a serious problem.

For a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable future, vote no on measure A.

Bob burns


Harris Defense

Is Sacramento Councilman Jeff Harris racist? His own actions prompted the question(sacbee.com, October 13)

I have known Jeff Harris for 18 years and have spent hundreds of hours in his company and in conversation on every subject imaginable. Not once did Harris utter a comment of racist judgment, animosity, ignorance, debasement, contempt, derision or prejudice. Not once did I witness an errant comment, eye roll or wink from him in this vein – not a disparaging gesture or remark from another being human being based on race or the presumption of the worth of a person based on his race.

Damon Schwartz


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